How to seduce a Gemini woman?

Know the personality of the Gemini woman to better seduce her

The native of the sign of Gemini has no equal in radiating among her relatives, her professional entourage and in society: a real extremist, she knows how to naturally energize a group, dialogue wonderfully and create links between people. . Appreciated for this spontaneous joie de vivre, the Gemini woman stands out in particular at work for her ability to combine personal efficiency and mutual aid. She doesn’t hesitate to « boost » her colleagues, to be the catalyst for the troops, who, suddenly, are delighted and the Gemini woman to be happy. In practical everyday life, this woman knows how to be prudent when it comes to spending: practical and measured, her communicative, altruistic and joyful nature does not intoxicate her.

How to seduce a Gemini woman?

The woman born under the sign of Gemini therefore stands out as a very lively person characterized by her extreme openness to others who knows how to give and manage herself at the same time. If you plan to seduce her, you must be a stable and affectionate person, neither too flirtatious and nomadic, nor too distant. Indeed, the native remains a woman who attaches great importance to the presence of her/his companion, especially since she cannot bring herself to appear hand in hand with you if you do not not display all the pledges of propriety, of gallant suitor and who wears good looks. Faithful and far from being jealous, she expects no less from her/her conquistador.

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Avoid certain pitfalls to better seduce the Gemini woman

Moreover, when one seems interested in such a person, it is advisable to know that the Gemini woman cannot be attracted by someone who is sluggish and too reserved. She holds in aversion any attitude withdrawn, emanating from a person distant from the discussions, who does not seem attentive and interested in the others. Sue also to suitors devoid of a clever balance between fair distance and assertive presence at his side. The native woman of the sign of Gemini cannot fall into the arms of a suffocating or far too distant person. Thus, it will be up to you to find the right balance between a seduction that is too « heavy » or too unobtrusive.

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