Seniors: effective remedies against fatigue

One out of two French people is tired. At the beginning of winter, especially, we want good « anti-fatigue ». But what are they and for whom?

Tiredness, diffuse headaches, sleep disturbances, noise intolerance, memory difficulties… there are many symptoms of fatigue. One may also feel apathetic or aggressive. On the face, the signs are clearly visible: gray and sunken complexion, swollen eyelids, dark circles…

The first concern of the pharmacist will be to understand the origin of your asthenia. The questioning is decisive, not to establish a medical diagnosis but to better orient the treatment that he will recommend. Thus, if he suspects an organic or psychic cause for your asthenia, he will advise you first to see your doctor. Explanation with

When it’s related to our way of life

The most banal and most common is so-called functional asthenia.

Its causes are diffuse:

  • Consequence of a stressful way of life (family life, work, stress, physical or intellectual overwork).
  • Metabolic imbalances due to a poor diet or excessive sedentary lifestyle also have rapid repercussions on your form.

It should be remembered that no drug will ever replace the recuperative virtues of sleep and the benefits of a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle. In fact, fatigue, when it is linked to stress for example, functions as a warning symptom that calls the body to order and asks it to rest.

However, many antiasthenic or fortifying drugs can help overcome this state of fatigue. None is the miracle cure but all work as objective allies of a fitness program.

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Vitamin complexes

Vitamin supplementation is above all recommended when disordered eating is suspected or in the event of a diet.

Vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, D, A, E, PP are the 11 vitamins commonly used as antiasthenics. In the form of a complex, they act in synergy and play a regulatory role in many metabolic reactions.

Vitamin C, alone, is a nervous and muscular stimulant that allows the body to fight against cold and fatigue. Daily doses can reach 2 grams per day. But any overdose or taken at the end of the day can lead to insomnia. To be taken in the morning.

Trace elements and minerals

Like vitamins, they must absolutely be provided by a balanced diet. The association Copper-Gold-Silver boosts the defense mechanisms.

As for magnesium salts, they help neutralize excess reactivity to stress.

Vitamins and trace elements are more effective in the long term as rebalancing microdeficiencies of food origin.

Amino acids

These are energizers that are recommended in case of intense effort to provide, physical or intellectual.

They can be taken at any time of the day, they have no arousing function and do not interfere with sleep.

Recommended in episodic cure of one month.

The re-enactors

These psychostimulant preparations are especially effective in cases of intellectual overwork. They facilitate cerebral effort and maintain alertness and attention. In cure of 3 months.

  • Based on deanol or caffeine.
  • To be taken in the morning or before 4 p.m. because of the presence of caffeine (exciting).
  • Based on ginseng, the well-known anti-fatigue plant.
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Also some multivitamin complexes fortified with ginseng. One capsule or tablet in the morning.

When it’s linked to a disease

Convalescence, following the flu: It is normal to function in slow motion after an illness. The body had to fight and anti-infective treatments, for example, always leave it more or less exhausted even after a pregnancy.

For this type of organic fatigue, which requires medical monitoring, rest is always beneficial.

Multivitamin complexes as well as amino acids can help you recharge your batteries.

And mental fatigue

If you feel depressed with great fatigue when you wake up, do not wait to consult.

Fatigue will not pass as long as the depressive state is there. And in this case, vitamins and rest do not help much. The pharmacist is often faced with this type of problem. He can only advise to consult and not to remain alone in the face of his difficulties.

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