Why and how to improve the patient experience?

In today’s highly competitive healthcare landscape, the patient experience is of paramount importance. Indeed, hospitals and healthcare providers must constantly strive to improve the quality of care and the overall satisfaction of their patients. This is also about their reputation and their financial results.

Why improve the patient experience of a hospital?

Improving the patient experience has benefits for both patients and hospitals:

patient experience, a central element in improving clinical outcomes

The quality of the patient experience in the hospital setting has a direct link to the results at the end of their treatment.

Indeed, when patients feel listened to, respected and well informed about their care, they are more inclined to cooperate with the medical profession and follow their recommendations.

Likewise, they are more motivated to attend follow-up appointments and to engage in preventive care measures. Therefore, the clinical results are better.

For example, according to one study, diabetic patients manage their disease better and have a better quality of life when they have good interactions with their doctor.

Patient loyalty

According to a study carried out in the United States, patients with poor quality relationships with their doctors are three times more likely to leave the practice than those with higher quality relationships.

This demonstrates that by providing responsive and personalized care, hospitals foster long-term relationships with their patients.

In addition, satisfied patients are more likely to recommend the hospital to their friends and family, which has a positive impact on the establishment’s reputation and its client portfolio.

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Better financial results for hospitals

With the move towards value-based care and reimbursement models, hospitals are increasingly being evaluated and rewarded based on the quality of care they provide.

By improving the patient experience, they can then improve their rankings, obtain higher reimbursements and attract more patients. What contributes to improve their financial results.

More engaged staff

When patients have a positive experience, it boosts the morale of healthcare professionals. They are proud of their work, more fulfilled and more committed. This results in a reduction in employee turnover rate and labor stabilization.

Patient experience

How to improve the patient experience in a hospital?

Several strategies can be implemented to improve the patient experience within a hospital:

Effective communication, transparent and empathetic

As soon as they enter the hospital, patients must be welcomed by friendly and competent staff, able to effectively guide them through the admissions process. Additionally, healthcare providers need to take the time to listen to their patients and ensure that they fully present their concerns, symptoms and expectations.

Staff training

To improve their overall patient experience, hospitals must invest in the continuous training of staff. In addition to technical skills, curricula should take into account non-technical skills such as:

  • Empathy ;
  • Active listening ;
  • Effective communication.

Improving the hospital environment

To provide the best patient experience, hospitals must create a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment. Indeed, it is essential that staff ensure that hygiene and cleanliness standards are met, as they have a direct impact on the health and satisfaction of customers.

Continuous feedback

To continuously improve the experience within their premises, hospitals need to ask for feedback patients and their families, during and after their stay. To do this, they can use means such as:

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  • The surveys ;
  • Discussion groups;
  • Online reviews and comments.

By closely monitoring and responding to this feedback, hospitals can identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes to better meet the needs of their patients.

To conclude

By improving the patient experience in their facilities, hospitals can achieve better clinical outcomes, enhance their reputation, improve staff morale and reap financial benefits. To achieve this, they need to take a multi-faceted approach that encompasses communication, staff training, facility layout and a feedback system.

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