How to decorate a guest room?

The family is coming to your house on vacation or the friends are staying overnight? In many cases, it is very useful to have an empty room. But still it is necessary that this room is welcoming if you want your guests to come back. So, how to decorate a guest room?

Follow all our decoration tips to make the space warm and friendly. And learn how to depersonalize the bedroom to make your friends feel at home. Choice of furniture, colors, decorative objects… We will accompany you in the layout of your guest room!

Decorate a guest bedroom to give a cozy atmosphere

Your friends should feel at home with you. For this, the room should be both welcoming and warm. There are a few tricks to give a cozy atmosphere to a room, without spending a fortune.

Choose natural materials

First, make sure the guest room remains a restful and soothing room. In this sense, it is necessary to turn to natural materials that invite relaxation.

So, for bed linen, orient your choice towards linen, which is soft and pleasant to the touch. On the decoration side, play with soft textures. Accumulate cushions, blankets, plaids, fluffy carpets that make you want to relax. Wool, for example, is the most suitable natural material for this type of accessory. But there are other materials like velvet that fit perfectly into this type of decoration.

Finally, also think of other natural materials such as wood, wicker, rattan, bamboo which are in tune with the times. Without forgetting the macramé which dresses any type of interior with naturalness. It invites itself as well in the form of a wall composition as a hammock or a suspended flowerpot.

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Choose neutral colors

And because the guest room should inspire serenity, turn to soft and relaxing tones. Choose neutral shades such as white, beige, grey, taupe, mauve… Without forgetting pastel colors (green-grey, pink…) and shades.

If you want a more dynamic room, choose a colored section of the wall, while remaining in light shades. Absolutely avoid stimulating colors like red because your guests won’t sleep a wink all night. And failing to energize the wall, select colorful accessories and objects (bed cushions, rugs, paintings, etc.).

Accessorize with user-friendly furniture

What do we call user-friendly furniture? In a bedroom, it can be an Emmanuelle rattan armchair. Decorative, this piece of furniture is also very practical for displaying your clothes, if you do not have a valet or clothes rack.

But it can also be a hammock or a hanging chair, if the space allows it. Thus, in complete privacy, your friends can relax in a space reserved for them.

Finally, more modestly, also consider knit poufs or floor cushions to create a small relaxation area in the bedroom.

Avoid too personal decoration in a guest room

In a guest room, we are sometimes tempted to store our personal belongings or old objects that are difficult to part with. But is it a good option to tastefully decorate a guest room?

The main objective is to make the room welcoming. Your guests, whether close family or casual acquaintances, should feel good. Therefore, the guest room should not be overloaded in terms of furniture and decorative accessories.

In this sense, it is advisable to follow these few elementary rules:

  • do not overload the room with unnecessary furniture. Make do with what you need (bed, wardrobe, bedside table with a small lamp, furniture to put your things);
  • in the same way, in terms of decoration, do in minimalism. No accumulation (personal collection, for example);
  • Absolutely avoid excessively marked objects. Perhaps you adore this old doll bought at a flea market, but your guests do not. Don’t make your friends uncomfortable with « strange » or too personal accessories (photos of your vacation, for example);
  • leave room for your friends to unpack their suitcases and luggage;
  • prefer neutral shades that appeal to the greatest number. Prescribe orange or green in a bedroom.
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Advice : there is no question of depersonalizing a guest bedroom as much as possible to make the room completely sanitized. On the wall, you can absolutely have a few paintings. But again, don’t be extravagant. Choose a timeless frame that will “speak” to everyone. You can also create a small library corner with a few books (classics, collection of poems, children’s albums, etc.). And to warm up the atmosphere, consider placing small candles here and there (tealight holders, floating candles, etc.).

Tips for creating a guest bedroom in a small space

Sometimes there is not enough space to properly accommodate family or friends who live far away. But be aware that if you don’t have a dedicated bedroom, all you need are a few tricks to create a friendly corner in an office, for example.

To make your friends sleep elsewhere than in the living room on a sofa bed, set up a sleeping area in another room (office, children’s playroom, etc.). The sofa bed appears to be the ideal piece of furniture to offer a pleasant bed to the guests. In addition, it is the most practical sofa model for furnishing a small area.

And so that your guests can store their personal belongings, put a small piece of furniture at their disposal. It can be a chair or a coffee table, for example. Near the bedding, also remember to leave a light (table lamp, etc.) if they need to get up at night.

Finally, so your guests don’t feel suffocated, declutter and tidy the room. In a guest room, you have to be able to move around freely, if only to get dressed.

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