5 tips for outdoor landscaping

When you buy a house, you immediately consider how you are going to fit it out inside, but the outside is just as important, a nice decor gives a certain character to the house. Here are 5 tips before you embark on the adventure of landscaping.

Compare quotes for large jobs

heavy garden work

Construction machinery

Whether for a large or a small site, the movement of large tools and construction machinery costs the same price, it is the duration of the work, the cost of labor and the materials which then increase the bill.

Entrust the work to professionals

Professionals such as landscapers, diggers, swimming pool specialists are used to carrying out these outdoor landscaping works, which is why they are fast and the result is impeccable. In addition, the work is guaranteed, if there are any problems, they can come and fix these details for free. Landscaping professionals buy materials duty-free, which is an advantage for us.

Do the work yourself

We are often tempted to save money by carrying out the work ourselves, but by calculating the final cost price, we notice that we arrive at the same price, or even more, than by calling on professionals, especially if it is a question of making a terrace or a swimming pool.

Choice of locations: vegetable garden, flowers…

vegetable garden location

It’s still a question of point of view, we highlight what we want to see first when arriving at home, from our front door or terrace.

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To arrange your yard, you can cover it with gravel to avoid having to pass the mower, an organic fabric placed before the gravel allows the earth to breathe by preventing the grass from growing. To give a little pep and color, plant roses or arrange flowers all around the yard.

The vegetable garden can be installed on one side only or play the tridents, left, right and in the center. What is interesting in this scenario is the fact of using biodiversity without it making a mess. The aisles in between are adorned with grasses and flowers which absorb and restore trace elements and the water necessary for the growth of fruits and vegetables. Above all, do not cut the nettles which are both insecticides and food for your plantations. Also don’t forget to alternate them from year to year so that the soil does not run out. The flowers must mix with other crops, in a variegation of colors or in shades according to taste. They attract insects, allow pollination, the production of good honey, as well as the hydration of cultivated land.

How to optimize a sloping ground?

When you have sloping land, you have the impression that you cannot develop it. Thanks to high-performance machinery and personnel, it is quite possible to set up an infinity pool, a terrace or crops on several levels: flowers, vegetable garden, etc.

In this case it is necessary give priority in the higher partsto the plants or vegetables that need the least humidity, because the water will spread over and inside the ground, flowing downwards.

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How to optimize the space of a small plot?

At first, it is necessary decide on the overviewdo you want to see the garden from the house or give a visual view from the road and use the vegetation as a screen?

The only difference will then be the departure of the plantations from the viewpoint. It is obvious that the older ones will sit behind as in a class photo. We must also play on the colors, they must agree, but also give a flowery or bushy bed all year round. Planting several colors in the same place with plants that do not bloom at the same time gives a much appreciated « changing effect » over the months.

Choice of appearance

Japanese garden

A small water point with a bridge overhanging it does not make a Zen garden, we must add Koi carp, bamboo, water lilies or lotus flowers as well as Japanese steps. A small corner that cannot be converted into a vegetable garden can be transformed into a small Japanese garden with a fountain for a Zen touch. We will then favor plants and shrubs originating from Asian countries: magnolia, andromeda, spindle, dwarf bamboo…

family garden

It is essential to obtain flat ground to install swings, a stone’s throw away, a rigid terrace for the garden furniture and why not, a pétanque court and a tree house. It is a friendly garden for family gatherings, eating together outside and allowing children to play in complete safety.

wooded park

When you are lucky enough to have a large piece of land, you can take the opportunity to plant several species of trees. They will attract bees and especially birds, what a delight every morning to hear them sing in the garden. It is perfectly possible to associate certain fruit trees, even exotic ones, with European trees.

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Terrace and swimming pool

The dream of many families, it is completely achievable without breaking the bank. When a natural pool cannot be created, a rigid pool must be installed. Professionals in swimming pools and terraces will do this work quickly and above all cleanly. They will realize the terrace at the same time and can even arrange pretty corners of greenery or flowers.

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