A central island in the kitchen: is it for you?

For questions of practicality and conviviality, many households rely on an open kitchen. Whether in an apartment or a house, this type of arrangement is very popular. But when comes the question of the open kitchen, that of the central island necessarily arises. Are you wondering if this type of installation would be suitable for your home? Today, we are going to answer all your questions on this subject.

A central island for more conviviality

The question of a kitchen with or without a central island depends on your needs and the desired atmosphere. Such an arrangement remains practical for parents wishing to have their children nearby while cooking. This is the whole point of having a central island. Thanks to him, you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

A central island is also very interesting, because it is flexible according to your needs. Indeed, it can accommodate both your hob and your sink. Thanks to him, you can then optimize space in the kitchen.

For the more astute, the central island serves as storage space. You can install drawers to store dishes or kitchen utensils, for example. It is also possible to bet on a functional central island. Today, kitchen designers offer models that can also be used as a work surface or even a dining table. You can also use it as a separation between the living room and the kitchen. In the end, it’s all about choice since there are a thousand and one ways to organize your kitchen with an island.

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central kitchen island model

Layout not suitable for all spaces

As functional as the central island is, it is not suitable for all interiors. Such a layout requires space. The central island is for example not suitable for a small closed kitchen. It will dominate the room, which will deprive you of circulation spaces. So, if you have a closed kitchen, installing a central island is not really a good idea. We advise you rather to open the room on the living room. In this way, you can enjoy extra space and smoother circulation.

Note that installing a central island in your kitchen remains an important investment. So, it is advisable to compare prices before choosing yours. You must also provide water inlets and outlets if the island is to accommodate a sink. In the case of hobs, you will need to install a power supply socket. You will also need to consider an extractor hood.

A kitchen with or without a central island, it’s all about choice

Whether or not to install a central island depends on the available surface and your needs. Make sure you have enough space in your kitchen. Nevertheless, we advise you to seek the advice of a landscaping professional before making a decision. This is the best position to guide you towards the best choice to make.

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