How to decorate a wall corner?

Often forgotten, the corners of a room offer multiple possibilities. But decorating a corner of a wall is not the easiest thing in a house. How to go about it so that the whole is harmonious? What are the new trends in room corner decoration? By following our advice, save space and bring an original touch to your interior. Office area, storage, decorative work… There’s something for everyone! We tell you everything about how to decorate a wall corner.

Create a space in its own right as an office corner

Do you need an office area to do the paperwork, but you don’t have enough space in your home? Have you thought about inserting a workspace within the living room or bedroom? For this, there is a trick.

Decorate a corner of the wall by inserting a secretary style piece of furniture there. On this furniture, you can open your mail and write a few letters quietly. But to bring depth to the room, play with color. Paint the corner of the wall with a bold color. If you are more into wallpaper, then opt for a trendy tapestry.

Advice : if you opt for this solution in a child’s room, consider the slate wall where the child can draw with chalk. And in a baby’s room, instead of the desk, put the cradle or cot in the corner. Again, to bring a decorative note to the room, have fun with the angle by adding a touch of color to designate the piece of furniture.

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Install storage in a wall corner: shelves and bookcase

This is a way to optimize the space to the maximum. Place your corner shelves in a corner to store your books, indoor plants… Then bet on L-shaped shelves.

You will find in DIY stores simple boards to attach to the wall. It helps to decorate a room. And you won’t have any more wasted spaces. And in small corners, also think of triangular boards to place a lamp, for example.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of books to store, turn your corner into a library. Take advantage of the corner of the wall by installing shelves or cornices. To display a few books (children’s books, comics), purchase a few frame stands. This will add a decorative touch to your library.

Finally, if you like recycling and DIY, adopt wine boxes or other wooden boxes to create a unique bookcase. All you have to do is stack the boxes on top of each other in the corner to create a low or high bookcase. And for an optimal visual rendering, decorate the inside of your boxes with trendy wallpaper.

Advice : if you are a collector, you can absolutely decorate a corner of the wall by displaying your favorite objects on shelves. Old cameras, vintage accessories, sculptures… Introduce your visitors to your passion in complete discretion.

Put a corner bench in a corner of the wall

To decorate a corner of the wall while bringing a warm touch to your room, consider the bench. Trendy and practical, it fits perfectly into every corner. Moreover, it is a small piece of furniture that is easy to manufacture. Provided you are a little manual, you can design your own custom-made corner bench.

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And if you’re short on time, choose chest-type furniture and place it in an L shape. But whichever option you choose, cover the seat with cushions to make the space comfortable and welcoming.

This corner of the wall will turn into a cocoon for reading quietly. And in an entrance hall, it can be a practical piece of furniture for putting on your shoes, for example. There are several possible uses for the corner bench.

Stair angle: give volume with frames or photos

If you have a staircase corner that seems very empty to you, opt for this decorative solution. The idea is to create volume for your staircase by superimposing frames on the wall, at the corner.

This is a new decorative trend to adopt as soon as possible if you want an original and personalized interior. Choose frames of different sizes and colors to create a dynamic visual rendering. Opt for example for black or gold, round, oval or rectangular frames. As for the choice of pattern, try to create a unit with visuals of a similar universe.

Advice : if you are more into photos than paintings, have good memories (of holidays, for example) in the corner of the stairs.

Decorate a corner of the wall with plants

Do you like both plants and atypical decorations? Then opt for this trendy idea. Create a real indoor garden by installing plants around a corner of the wall. For this, attach shelves.

As far as the choice of plants is concerned, give preference to resistant and easy-care species so that they will be happy in this particular place. Some plants are particularly trendy. Among them, the pilea or exotic varieties such as the monstera.

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Decorate a corner of the room with masking tape or stickers

To decorate a corner of the wall, you can use masking tape. But what is it? Fans of creative hobbies are familiar with this accessory. In part, because this adhesive tape (or scotch) has a strong decorative potential.

Coming from Japan, the masking tape is made with rice paper. In creative leisure and DIY stores, you will find them in all colors and with different patterns (graphic, checkered, etc.). If this adhesive tape keeps the children busy and allows you to create party decorations, it is also used to decorate a wall.

Show a minimum of dexterity to transform a lost angle into a decorative work. Stick the masking tape in a square, diamond, star or any other shape starting from the corner. The more manual or creative can opt for complex patterns (origami, for example).

Advice : if you are afraid of not succeeding in your corner decoration with adhesive tape, prefer simplicity. On the internet or in decoration and furniture stores, you will easily find wall stickers. These stickers sometimes give a stunning result.

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