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To fully understand people with an Aries ascendant, you have to look at this astrological sign. Aries is ruled by Mars, known as Ares in Greek mythology – the greatest god of war.

If you are influenced by the Aries ascendant in your astrological calculation according to your date of birth, it reveals how you interact with the world every day.

The astrological profile of the Aries ascendant

With an Aries Ascendant, you are independent, like adventure and can succeed in anything you do. You are honest and direct and aren’t afraid to tell the truth, even if it hurts others. There is nothing malicious in your intentions, but you are simply a faithful friend of the truth according to your date of birth.

You act immediately and you don’t like wasting time. You are impatient and you always want to be “the first”, it is your personality. If you see that something is not happening at the pace you would like, your interest and enthusiasm wanes.

In your personality, your goals and priorities are clear and you have the ability to overcome any obstacle that you encounter.

you are a person sociable and you enjoy interacting and making friends, but those relationships rarely last long. People stay in your life when you share common interests. When your interests are different, you look for a new company.

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Throughout your life you will meet many people willing to help you grow, but you have learned to rely on your own resources and don’t like feeling like you’ve been promoted to a position you don’t deserve. maybe not.

You believe that your personal efforts will sooner or later be recognized and that success will taste sweeter. You do what you can to help your friends and refuse to accept anyone rejecting your help.

Strong points : Dignified, ambitious and daring
Weaknesses : Irritable, clumsy and distracted
Ideal partner : Someone who seeks harmony over adventure and puts them first
Life lesson for the Aries ascendant : Putting loved ones before everything else.

The influence of the Aries ascendant on your zodiac sign

Discover what the Aries ascendant brings to the astrological signs.

  • Aries rising Aries: You are very brave and always ready to fight to achieve your dreams, even if you have to wear yourself out
  • Gemini rising Aries: You want to conquer the world and, when you communicate, you use your charm as a weapon
  • Cancer rising Aries: A contradictory combination, which makes you irritable and impatient, with the result that you often act rashly.
  • Leo rising Aries: You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You like to exert your influence and try to create an environment in which you will be adored.
  • Virgo rising Aries: You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You like to exert your influence and try to create an environment in which you will be adored.
  • Scorpio ascendant Aries: Both your ascendant and your zodiac are ruled by the planet Mars. This results in powerful and overwhelming feelings and equally great passions.
  • Sagittarius ascendant Aries: Your sun and ascendant belong to the fire element and make you very independent and active
  • Capricorn rising Aries: Your methodical approach, stubbornness and hard work will take you to the top of your chosen field
  • Aquarius Rising Aries: You draw people around you like a magnet and you are exceptionally popular and much loved
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The influence of the Aries ascendant in love

Natives of the rising sign Aries are generally lucky in love, depending on the placement of the planet Venus in their horoscope. If Venus is placed positively in the calculation of the chart, they enjoy a successful and prosperous life as a couple. The zodiac signs or rising signs of Leo and Sagittarius make good romantic partners for Aries. Other potential partners are the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Your Aries ascendant animates the flame of desire and makes you an exceptional lover. Romance is your cup of tea, and you like to prove the depth of your feelings. Your rising sign gives you the confidence to use your powers of seduction and attraction. Once you are in love, your passion increases and you would move mountains for your partner.

You want your relationship to explore new horizons and can’t stand routine.

Weaknesses and strengths of the Aries ascendant

People with an Aries ascendant know who they are on an instinctive level, eliminating the personal need to practice indecision – when they know, they know. The new and the unexplored particularly attract them. They embody a great thirst for discovery and adventure, and are not easily frightened by change. With their confidence and spontaneity, they can influence others and help spark passion in them. However, they are naturally competitive at all times, wanting to be the best.

People with an Aries ascendant are instinctively wired to care and get involved in social issues, justice on behalf of others, and equality – always seeking balance on a fundamental level. True friends and confidants, they draw the fuel necessary to feel positive by seeking the newness of life, by communicating the results, by circulating new ideas and by participating in activities. They are always honest because they don’t beat around the bush and tell it like it is.

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People with an Aries ascendant can seem cruel, insensitive, and sometimes downright selfish. There is a fundamental need to put yourself forward in order to survive on an instinctual level. However, this doesn’t last long, once they realize that someone else may have more needs than them. But if survival is threatened, anger and confrontation ensue. If they see themselves in danger, their boundless energy can also express aggression and mistrust. These people can easily lose their temper, but once they go wild, they let things go and usually don’t hold a grudge.

These celebrities who have the sign of Aries in ascending

  • Penélope Cruz (Taurus ascending Aries)
  • Isabelle Adjani (Aries ascending Cancer)
  • Shakira (Aquarius rising Aries)
  • John Lennon (Libra Rising Aries)
  • Morgan Freeman (Gemini ascendant Aries)
  • Louis Armstrong (Leo ascending Aries)

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