How to convert a basement into a bedroom?

Converting a basement into a bedroom is an effective solution for extending your home or giving independence to a teenager. It can also be an additional space to accommodate family or friends in good conditions.

This layout is very trendy, so much so that a new term has appeared. Thus, the flexiblex designates the habitable basement. Follow our decoration tips to make your renovation work a success in no time. And find inspiration to make the place both trendy and warm.

Definition of flexible: advantages and disadvantages

The term « flexible » refers to accommodation on two levels, the lower level of which is located below the ground floor. This is then an inverted duplex. The extension is no longer done from the top but from the bottom.

The flexiblex concerns both the development of a basement into a living room and a cellar. In addition, this clever system saves money. Indeed, the price per square meter is less expensive than that of a ground floor.

However, this type of atypical housing requires specific development work in terms of insulation. And it is also necessary to comply with the regulations in force, particularly in terms of administrative authorization.

In any case, decoration fans will be able to give free rein to their creativity to create a unique bedroom.

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Converting a basement into a bedroom: the choice of wall covering

Once the walls and floor are well insulated, it’s time to think about the choice of wall covering. To furnish a bedroom in the basement, you can opt for paint or wallpaper, or even both!

If you have a preference for paint, be aware that there are insulating models. The trick then is to increase the layers of protection with this specific coating. And the paint allows you to add color to a bedroom located in the basement, which is a good point.

To succeed in your painting work, adopt a base in neutral tones (white, beige, ecru, etc.). This will make the volumes more spacious. Then, play with bright colors to add depth. A colored section of wall represents a perfect solution in this respect.

Then, over the paint, you can completely put a length of wallpaper. Today, the offer is very vast in terms of wall covering. In interior decoration stores, you will inevitably find a trendy model (graphic, geographical, floral, exotic, etc.) to bring style to your basement bedroom. Depending on the destination of the room (teenager, child, parental suite, etc.), opt for a discreet or striking wallpaper!

Bedroom in the basement: carpet, parquet, resin…?

As far as the choice of floor is concerned, there are several possibilities for converting a basement into a bedroom. In general, however, it is preferable to opt for a covering covering such as parquet.

Nevertheless, in a bedroom, parquet can leave a cold impression. The carpet, meanwhile, warms the atmosphere. Thick, it is then an additional layer to reinforce the thermal comfort of the place. Today, there are anti-stain carpet models.

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Finally, if your teenager wants to play with a loft spirit, plain resin flooring is recommended. This type of coating also allows light to be brought into the space.

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What materials for the development of a bedroom in a basement?

Whatever the destination of the bedroom, it is best to furnish it with natural materials. Thus, they will give a note of authenticity to a place often considered cold. Wood, for example, is perfect for this type of space. Then opt for furniture (bed, wardrobe, bedside table, bookcase, chest of drawers, desk, etc.) made with this material.

Also play with accessories and decorative elements designed in raw materials such as linen, rattan, wicker, macrame… In decoration stores, you will easily find trendy objects to display in the room: rugs, curtains, ethnic basket, suspension, lighting…

On the other hand, if your work budget allows it, the trick to giving character to a basement bedroom is to use the interior glass roof. This modern solution can be used to delimit two spaces (example: sleeping area/area reserved for work) or to create a quiet corner. In addition, the glass allows light to pass through, which is a major asset in this type of place.

Create a cocoon corner: how to do ?

Converting a basement into a bedroom is also an opportunity to create a cocoon, that is to say a refuge in which to rest and isolate yourself. In this, furniture and decorative accessories have a decisive role to play.

In your new semi-buried bedroom, you can easily place a soft sofa there. And if the place is rather restricted, limit yourself to a comfortable armchair, a bench or an ottoman. On the floor, also lay a beautiful wool rug.

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And for the place to be as cozy as possible, think about setting up small quiet corners, out of the way. So bet on an armchair, a coffee table, a small bookcase to create a reading corner or a boudoir.

If it is a bedroom in the basement intended for children, make them happy by setting up a recreational corner with games, toys, books. And invest in small furniture that is both practical and comfortable (play mat, children’s chair, etc.).

What lights in a semi-buried room?

By definition, the basement is a room that lacks natural light. It is therefore necessary to remedy this problem with luminaires suitable for a bedroom. On the market, you will easily find decorative models in tune with the times.

Lights in the form of led rails are ideal for this type of place. However, in a cozy bedroom, it is better to opt for warmer lighting such as table lamps or floor lamps. And to create a subdued atmosphere, consider dimmers.

Finally, to eliminate dark corners and create a beautiful effect of depth, combine trendy pendant lights and recessed lights.

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