Decorating your garden: our practical advice

The arrival of spring is the perfect opportunity to decorate your garden. How to arrange the exterior in a pleasant way to enjoy it on sunny days? Flowers, garden furniture, sculpture, ornament, patio, swing seat, garden shed… Discover all our solutions to organize your green space and bring charm to it. Follow our practical advice for choosing plants, organizing your exterior and opting for the right garden furniture. Whether you have a corner of greenery or a large green space, there is no shortage of tips for creating a paradise.

Decorate your garden: the choice of plants

A square and straight garden, without roughness, does not necessarily make you want to spend time outside. Instead, give a wild air to your exterior by giving it many volumes and colors.

start with bring curvy shapes to your garden by selecting rounded or geometric flower beds. Budding gardeners who wish to bring a contemporary touch to their garden will turn to the latter solution.

But whatever the case, the challenge is to avoid at all costs the symmetry that really lacks modernity. In this way, do not prune your plants too rigorously, that is to say in a straight line. On the other hand, respect the natural movement of the plants. Although controlled and cared for, your garden must retain its wild spirit.

On the other hand, it is important to choose plants according to their seasonality. Also take into account their shape, their future height and their color to compose a harmonious and colorful whole. Instead, place the imposing plants at the bottom of the garden and highlight the small plants by making harmonious color combinations. And if you don’t want to renew your plants every year, choose them carefully, possibly asking a salesperson at a garden center for advice.

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To note : a decoration with spring flowers can be made with large stones placed in the grass. You can also use lush vegetation. And to complete the set, add a large wooden flower box, as well as a carpet of small pebbles.

Organize your garden

The style of the garden will depend on its organization. It exists several types of garden (English garden, Japanese garden, Zen or feng shui garden…). Although it is not necessary to choose a theme for your garden, it will help you organize the space. Imagine your exterior as a new living room, to be adapted according to your desires.

Without being a landscaper, you can completely decorate your garden with taste. The first step is to make a plan of your garden taking into account a certain number of parameters (exposure to the sun, climate, shaded areas, presence of trees, etc.). Then, determine the surfaces dedicated to the different elements (trees, flower beds, planters, garden paths, terrace, pergola, etc.). Also provide free spaces for children to use as play areas.

And with regard to the terrace, select the material that will meet both aesthetic and practical criteria. Therefore, the choice of boards if you opt for a wooden deck is very important.

On the other hand, you can also install a pond or a garden fountain to complete the theme, and give the place some roughness. Depending on your budget and the time you have available for the maintenance of green spaces, you can create a more or less successful decor!

Furnish the exterior with garden furniture

After the organization, it is necessary think about planning. It was during this essential step the question of the choice of furniture arises. Depending on your needs and the available surface area, you can create real spaces dedicated to relaxation, meals, etc.

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In addition to installing a vegetable garden or an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, there are other facilities that allow you to spend time outdoors. For a pleasant garden, consider the hammock that will go well with the gazebo or the garden swing. Design or traditional, this last piece of furniture exists in different materials. Some models also have curtains on the sides to protect against the wind.

On the other hand, the choice of garden furniture is crucial. The quality of your summer family meals depends on it. Near the barbecue or plancha, arrange a table and chairs. You will find a multitude of choices on the market in terms of size, shape, material, color… Depending on your expectations, choose the garden furniture that will suit your habits and the style of your garden. For example, an exotic wood living room (teak, eucalyptus, etc.) will easily find its place in a Japanese-style garden.

Finally, when winter comes, the small furniture can easily be stored in a cabin or garden shed. The small house will be used to store all your equipment (mower, hedge trimmer, parasol, etc.). On the material side, there are several solutions for the garden shed: wood, resin, steel… Adopt the cabin that will complete your garden without breaking the landscape.

Objects and ornaments

Decorating your garden down to the smallest detail will give it an edge. It also invites you to stroll. You can use garden accessories to draw attention to a path or a corner of nature, for example.

By using a sculpture or an ornamental object, it is possible to create perspective. Arrange your accessory wisely to create a focal point.

Note that it is quite possible to use a decorative object as the focal point of a garden layout. A stone column can thus serve as a major element of a decor.

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And to play the surprise effect during the walk, hide garden ornaments in the vegetation. Hide them carefully using leaves or other plants. The objects will be revealed to the gaze at the bend of a massif.

Finally, if you have a tree in your garden, have fun with the branches by hanging decorations or a birdhouse on them. There are very aesthetic models that decorate a garden while fulfilling their primary function.

The guinguette garland

We don’t necessarily think about it, but the guinguette garland is the ideal accessory to complete the exterior decoration of a garden. It is a very trendy accessory that has been back in fashion for a few years and which brings a vintage but also warm side to your exteriors.

In addition to its decorative side, the guinguette garland can be easily installed anywhere. Light, it is very easy to fix it on a wall, on a palisade, on a pergola or even in the branches of a tree. Nothing better to embellish your garden with a garland and give it a touch of originality and pep. It is an original accessory that you can even use to complete a wedding or birthday decoration, for example. It is not limited to outdoor use, it can easily complement the interior decoration of a room or bedroom.

More than a decorative element, your guinguette garland will provide you with quality lighting to allow you to spend pleasant evenings in your garden. Important precision, you can leave it outside all night because it resists bad weather and humidity without any problem. There are also different lengths of garland to adapt to all exteriors and it is also possible to opt for a custom length.

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