Designing a dining room: 5 mistakes to avoid

Having an independent dining room is a privilege granted to fewer and fewer households due to our increasingly restricted housing. Yes, more and more households are settling on the kitchen table to eat because of the lack of space. If you are lucky enough to have an independent dining room, it is essential to know how to arrange it. A correct layout allows you to enjoy optimal comfort, better practicality and perfect decoration in this important living room of your home. We have therefore listed the mistakes to avoid when designing your dining room.

Choose a table that does not suit the room

The dining table is the centerpiece of the dining room. You should therefore choose this piece of furniture with special attention. First and foremost you should consider the available space. Do not hesitate to measure the room to assess the space available for the installation of the dining table. This will help you choose the shape of the table (round, square, rectangular) and the possible or useful number of seats.

Dining Room Design Mistakes Avoid

Decorate before buying the furniture

It is always advisable to buy the furniture before proceeding with the decoration. It’s simple, you could more easily find a decoration (colors of the walls, lighting, etc.) adapted to the furniture rather than finding furniture that matches a decoration. Click here to find our selection of decor to warm up your interior.

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Put too much furniture in the room

A dining room overloaded with furniture is not always pleasing to the eye. Remember to limit the number of pieces of furniture installed in the room as much as possible. The dining table remains the main piece of furniture. You can add a sideboard or a console while limiting their dimensions. Our tips for arranging a 10 m² room and decorating a dining room buffet can be useful to you.

Dining Room Design Mistakes Avoid Tips

Choosing the wrong materials

This error mainly refers to the materials of the furniture. Solid wood is still recommended for the dining table and chairs. You can, however, turn to other materials such as steel, aluminum or marble. The important thing is that the material chosen allows you to highlight a style of decoration that you want to adopt in the dining room. Also consider your budget. Indeed, some materials such as stone and solid wood can be very expensive.

Neglect brightness

As with all rooms in your home, light plays an important role in your dining room. This brightness passes through the openings (bays and windows), but also the luminaire chosen for the room. You can opt for a pendant light near the dining table. This allows you to illuminate the table without dazzling your guests during your meals. Don’t forget the curtains and blinds that help regulate the light in your dining room.

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