What color for a bathroom?

For a renovation project, you may need to change the color of your bathroom. Sometimes, a new shade can give a youthful look to a room. Especially since certain colors are proving to be trends in 2020, whether on the wall or via accessories (towels, for example). Among the revisited classics and the colors in tune with the times, find the right tone. Follow our advice to know which color for a bathroom.

The green, the right color for a bathroom?

Green is a color to favor in a bedroom, because it invites rest and relaxation. But what about in a bathroom?

The shade brings a feeling of space and depth to a room reserved for the toilet. You can opt for several shades: light green, forest green, sage green… As a reminder of nature, green represents calm and well-being. And to make the room decorative, combine the color of the paint with a tiled floor in the same shades.

Blue, a timeless color for a bathroom

If you are afraid of making a mistake when choosing the color of your bathroom, go for blue. This shade remains the preferred color of the water feature. In addition, it is timeless since it goes through the ages without taking a wrinkle.

Depending on the mood of your bathroom, select the shade of blue. Maritime blue, for example, combines wonderfully with wood to create a warm atmosphere. But there are other tones such as azure blue which invites you to travel, turquoise blue, navy blue, etc. There is something for every taste. Moreover, the different tones can be combined with each other.

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Bright colors in a bathroom

On a section of wall, yellow paint can wake up the room. But in order not to fall into bad taste, it is necessary to associate it judiciously. Thus, in combination with an intense blue, the color illuminates the room. And it’s still trending.

Instead, bet on a strong yellow, forgetting the lighter variations, which age badly. And to make the place harmonious, don’t be afraid to distill here and there a few accessories echoing this dazzling color. This can be towels, for example.

In addition, bright colors such as red or orange will bring vitality and energy to a bathroom. Good mood guaranteed with these vitamin shades! However, to avoid variegation, it is better to limit yourself to a single shimmering color, to marry with white or another more sober shade.

On the tone side, prefer a garnet red or crimson red, more muted while remaining luminous. These nuances make it possible to obtain a tonic and warm atmosphere without visually « attacking » you when you wake up. If you select a bright red, use it instead in touches, matching it with a softer color.

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What color for a bathroom? Grey?

If you like classic colors more, why not choose dark grey. Contrary to appearances, it is even a daring choice for a bathroom because it is a color that is not expected in this place.

This color for a bathroom is enveloping and matches many styles. This is the main advantage of this neutral shade. And to give character to your bathroom, harmonize the gray paint with cement tiles with graphic patterns. The color can also be combined with touches of black for a sophisticated look. Pair with copper taps for more style.

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Enlarge a room: what color for a bathroom?

White remains a safe bet to visually enlarge a small bathroom. In addition, the neutral color leaves a great freedom of choice in terms of decoration. And to enhance the whole, just add a few touches of color (decorative object, bathroom linen, green plants, etc.).

If you are afraid of getting a room that is too sanitized, opt instead for a derivative of white: off-white, ecru, beige… All these colors make it possible to enlarge a room while making it bright.

On the other hand, shades such as old pink, water green or light blue are ideal in a bathroom. Discreet and soft, they are part of the trend since they recall the Scandinavian style. Ideal if you like to spend time in your bath after a long day at work.

In addition, to give the impression of a larger bathroom, you can associate a light paint with mirrors to be installed on the wall. This will accentuate the effect of depth in the room.

A touch of exoticism with brown

The trend is for unusual color. In a bathroom, brown makes its appearance. It is a warm color and has an exotic connotation. This can give an exotic side to your bathroom.

The color can be brought thanks to the wood, but the ideal is to include a section of wall in brown. In addition, by choosing this shade, you have a wide range of tones.

How to combine colors in a bathroom?

If you have opted for a sober and natural color such as pearl gray or linen, it is fashionable to reinforce the natural state with wooden furniture. On the other hand, if you prefer a modern room, it is better to make a contrast with red. And on the furniture side, turn to lacquered models.

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As for blue and white, they harmonize well together, and fit perfectly in a room like the bathroom. The contemporary touch will be provided by designer furniture, a very modern basin, cement tiles on the walls or a trendy walk-in shower.

The good associations

Do you want to paint your bathroom in gray or brown, but you don’t know how to make the room harmonious? Indeed, not all colors go together. It is necessary to make a judicious choice so that the room is pleasant and welcoming.

First, if you have opted for a natural color such as gray or sand brown, it is fashionable to reinforce the natural atmosphere with wooden furniture.

Then, in order to obtain a modern room, it may be interesting to add touches of black or red. These colors are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to a room. And on the furniture side, turn instead to lacquered models.

As for classic shades such as green or blue, they harmonize wonderfully with white. And for more contemporaneity, combine the paintings on the wall with designer furniture, a very modern basin, a walk-in shower or cement tiles.

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