How to wash a Berber carpet?

Cleaning a wool rug is tricky. The cotton or synthetic fiber rug is machine washable. Not the Berber carpet which requires specific maintenance. Do not vacuum and remove a stain anyhow on a Moroccan carpet. There are practical tips for dusting and detaching your handmade carpet. And if you want to know everything about Berber carpets, everything goes here.

home maintenance tips

Whether long-haired or short-haired, your pure wool rug requires regular maintenance. Do not allow time for dust to settle. Otherwise, the handmade carpet can quickly become a real nest for dust mites. Vacuuming prevents dirt from settling on your Beni Ouarain or Kilim rug.

Vacuum diligently, but be careful not to rub or brush. This can damage the Berber carpet (pilling, fraying, tearing, etc.). Suction should be done at low power. And, always vacuum in the direction of the pile, without back and forth. The action must be carried out carefully and slowly. Don’t forget that your Berber carpet remains a precious object.

During the first pass of the vacuum cleaner, your Moroccan carpet will lose its excess wool. This will take the form of small fluff. You don’t have to worry about that.

To avoid stains on a wool carpet, there are a few tips. A stain must be cleaned as soon as it forms. Baking soda is effective at soaking up spilled liquids. The cleaning solution consists of dabbing the stain with the product, leaving it to act for twenty seconds and then vacuuming. In the event of a stubborn stain, simply repeat the operation.

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Are the colors of my rug dull? To restore its shine, baking soda is also very effective. Revive the colors of your living room rug at least once a year. Sprinkle your craft rug with baking soda and then vacuum.

How to clean a dry stain? It also turns out to be very simple. To remove the stain, dab it with a few drops of white vinegar diluted in lukewarm water. White vinegar is a great stain remover. It acts effectively on the most common stains such as coffee stains or wine stains.

To properly maintain your Azilal or Boucharouite rug, wash it once a year. Washing can be done by a professional or by yourself. Choice of dry or wet shampoo. Sprinkle your Berber carpet with powder shampoo, then vacuum to make the product penetrate. In the case of a wet shampoo, distribute the cleaning product mixed with vinegar over the entire carpet. Insist well on the dirt. Let dry and vacuum.

Two solutions for drying the Berber carpet: natural drying in the open air or drying on the floor. In the latter case, install a tarp under the carpet. If you opt for the open air, do not expose the mat to the sun. The wool does not support the rays well.

Drying must be carried out rigorously. To ensure that the handmade rug is completely dry, turn it over and lay it flat. In case of poor drying, the wool will diffuse bad odors. And your handmade rug may turn into a moth nest.

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Common stains such as chocolate stains are easily removed. On the other hand, removing a grease stain is much more difficult. A single stain remover is not enough. For these stubborn stains, professional cleaning is necessary.

To wash a very dirty carpet, contact to a laundry specializing in carpet cleaning.

Hiring a cleaning service is the most expensive solution. But, it is the wisest choice. Generally speaking, a wool rug should be cleaned by a professional every two years. The laundry extraction machine will give it a facelift.

The price of cleaning a carpet varies according to its dimensions. Generally, prices start around 25 euros per square meter. In order to avoid incidents on your modern carpet, beware of dry cleaners who charge very low prices.

Cleaning a wool rug takes more time than a textile. You have to wait two to three weeks before you can get your authentic carpet back.

What not to do

To keep your Berber carpet in good condition, there are mistakes you should not make.

  • The Berber rug is not machine washable. This is a handmade rug that requires care.
  • Be careful before wetting your genuine carpet. Use little water to soak your woven rug. This has the particularity of retaining water. If you wash it down with water, your rug will get soaked and the fibers may be damaged. The colors will smudge.
  • Before using a carpet cleaning product such as shampoo, read the instructions carefully. The use of cleaning products must remain very limited.
  • Conclusion

Synthetic carpet is no easier to care for than natural fiber carpet. For artisanal carpet maintenance, all you have to do is apply good practices. Dry cleaning and the use of clean water are preferred. Cleaning a stain on a Berber carpet requires method. The handmade carpet turns out to be delicate. If in doubt, it is best to entrust your contemporary rug to a dry cleaner.

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To avoid incidents, assign a place of choice to your designer rug. A very dry and unconfined place so that the wool can breathe. Avoid places of passage such as corridors so that the Moroccan carpet is protected from dust.

And if the dusting and cleaning of your Berber rug really scares you, opt for a soft and light rug that hangs on the wall. The Azilal rug is very trendy in wall decoration and tapestry.

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