How to eliminate fleas in a house?

Like lice, fleas are a real scourge in a home. Indeed, these parasites are difficult to eliminate and reproduce very quickly. To overcome it, it is therefore necessary to use techniques and demonstrate great rigor. Discover all the ways to eliminate fleas in a house without becoming intoxicated: cleaning, spray, natural solution… All our tips and advice to get rid of this insect which appreciates your pet as much as your textiles and fabrics.

How does a house get infested with fleas?

Have you seen fleas in your household? Be aware that the invasion of your home by these small insects is due to an infernal circle, but it is possible to stop it.

First there are the adult fleas that live on your pet (dog, cat, etc.). They then lay eggs which fall everywhere (the animal’s basket, sofa, cushions, etc.). And from these eggs then emerge larvae which move to take shelter in well-hidden places (parquet slats, fabrics, carpets, etc.).

In this way, the larvae can live for several months in your house. Once they become adults, they will parasitize your dog or cat again. And the fleas will in turn lay new eggs…

To know : on your pet, you will only find about 5% of existing fleas. The others are in your house in the form of eggs, larvae. Your home then turns into a veritable reservoir of parasites. It is therefore necessary to act quickly to eradicate these insects from your home.

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Treat your pet against fleas and do prevention

In first intention, to eradicate the fleas, it is advisable to treat all the animals of the house, even those which do not have fleas.

Treat animals at the same time to avoid transmission to each other. And for the treatment to be effective, administer it regularly for the rest of their lives. By doing prevention, you will no longer have to fight fleas under your roof.

Clean the house from top to bottom to be free of fleas

A major cleaning is needed to completely get rid of fleas in a house. Start by thoroughly vacuuming the floors and fabrics (carpet, plaid, sofa, etc.).

And after each use, clean the device with hot water to prevent flea eggs from hatching inside. Vacuum bags are a real reservoir of fleas and larvae. It is therefore useful to change the bag if necessary.

Using a steam cleaner to kill fleas

If you have a steam cleaner at home, feel free to use it to get rid of fleas in a house.

The steam treatment kills fleas and eggs with the boiling spray. But this does not destroy fleas that lodge inside textiles (cushions, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.). This therefore remains a surface solution to be coupled with a more radical trick.

Machine wash fabrics

On the other hand, it is important to wash the textiles with which your animal could have come into contact (cushions, sofa covers, soft toys, etc.). Also consider bedding if your cat or dog enters the bedroom. Everything must be washed at a very high temperature, that is to say above 95°. And this, in order to kill fleas and eggs.

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Tip: If you’re using a blanket to transport your pet in the car, consider washing it in the washing machine as well. Fleas also love vehicles. And also remember to treat brooms, brushes… Fleas can easily hide in the hair.

Use a flea and grub spray

In all rooms of the house, use a household spray that is harmless to animals. Spray well all corners and even under the furniture.

You will find effective products capable of eliminating fleas and larvae in just a few days. And some sprays are also effective in preventing a new infestation for several months.

Ask your pet’s veterinarian for advice or go to a pet store to find the right product.

The use of freezing to overcome fleas

If you have textiles and objects that cannot be machine-washed, consider freezing them. Then place them in plastic bags provided for this purpose, and place them in the freezer at -18°C. And this, for a period of at least 48 hours.

Fleas and larvae cannot stand the cold. Therefore, they will be destroyed.

diatomaceous earth, a solution to fight fleas

Another technique to fight flea infestations is to use diatomaceous earth. Wear a mask during handling to avoid inhaling the dust.

It is a white or gray powder, the darker also being the most effective against insects. Composed of fossilized seaweed, the solution does not contain any chemical element.

Concretely, the flea that walks in the diatomaceous earth dies by dehydration and desiccation (removal of humidity) because the dust then enters its respiratory system.

For the treatment to be as effective as possible, sprinkle powder on the floor, around the baseboards, between the floorboards, between the mattress and the box spring. To be effective, the powder should never compact due to humidity.

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Tip: when all the fleas are gone, remove the powder by passing the broom. And then use the vacuum cleaner for the finishes. Very abrasive in nature, diatomaceous earth could damage your device.

Natural solution to eliminate parasites, essential oil

There is a pest control HE to eliminate fleas in a house. This is cedar essential oil, but geranium oil can also be used.

Be careful, you should never put drops of essential oil on your pet to get rid of fleas.

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