When and how to replace an existing skylight?

Also called a roof window, a skylight is a rather special opening for a house. In addition to providing rooms with good light, it effectively contributes to the insulation of the home. In the event of a failure, regardless of the cause, it may be necessary to replace it. But when does replacing a skylight become essential? How to proceed when this is the case?

When to replace an existing skylight?

The maximum lifespan of a skylight is 30 years. However, after 20 years of use, roof windows usually start showing some signs of age. Certain failures can also damage their structure and impact their operation. They then no longer respond to acoustic and thermal insulation standards.

Here are the main signs that indicate that it is imperative to replace an existing skylight.

The presence of mist between the windows

The presence of mist between the windows indicates that they are no longer waterproof enough. Such a situation results in the evaporation of the gas contained between the panes. As a reminder, the role of the latter is to ensure optimal thermal insulation of the room. This problem has the effect of reducing the insulation capacity of the affected window. In order to avoid the consequences which may ensue, it is recommended to replace the faulty roof window as soon as possible.

The appearance of mold on the skylight frame

Mold is a champion that grows around windows when the humidity in the room is too high. When this is the case, it is important to determine the cause of the moisture problem and to provide a suitable solution. The replacement of the velux can then be considered.

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In addition, although the presence of mold can also be due to a lack of maintenance, it should be noted that it is mainly caused by the aging of the window.

If a solution is not quickly found, this problem can, in the long term, lead to the degradation of the building.

In case of spillage detection

Runs inside your home are proof that your skylight is losing its waterproofness. The only solution available to you in such a scenario is to replace your roof window. You will thus be able to benefit from better insulation of your home.

The presence of black marks around the frame

Like drips, the presence of black marks around your accommodation means that it is facing a loss of tightness. Since roof windows are usually the cause of this problem, replacing them is usually a must.

Replace An Existing Velux

Velux change: how to do it yourself?

If you are an experienced handyman, replace an existing skylight yourself shouldn’t be a problem. To ensure the success of your work, follow the steps below:

Start by choosing your skylight

Whether the change occurs in the context of improving the thermal insulation or sound insulation of your home, it is essential to choose well your roof window. To do this, take the following criteria into account:

  • The dimensions ;
  • The type of glazing;
  • The opening system;
  • The finish and the accessories.

Among these criteria, the type of glazing is of particular importance. Indeed, it greatly conditions the quality of your insulation. We therefore recommend, for this purposeopt for double or triple glazing.

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As for the price, know that a velux costs between 300 and 900 € depending on the quality and characteristics of the item.

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Uninstall your old skylight

To uninstall your old roof window, you must first remove the sash in order to have access to the outside. To do this, after having carefully unscrew all the stop screws of the hinges, push the sash towards the outside. Given the dimensions of the window, this step may require the intervention of several people.

Then lay down all exterior roofing elements, such as slates and tiles. Don’t forget to put these items in the right order, while starting from the top. You must also remove the old external sealing fitting.

Finally, dismantle the skylight frame. To do this, unscrew the fixing brackets, the rivets to the frame and the frame.

Install your new roof window

In order to successfully install your new roof window, proceed as follows:

  • Install the frame while checking that the rebates of your window fit perfectly into the sashes;
  • Secure the frame using fixing brackets and install the sash to make sure it opens and closes properly;
  • Remove the sash and reinstall it after installing the weatherproof fittings and all other exterior roofing elements starting at the bottom of your window.
  • Rcarry out the exterior finishes and install the exterior accessories if there were any at the start.

Is it better to hire a professional to replace a skylight?

If you are not a seasoned handyman, it is best to hire a professional for the installation of your roof window. You can entrust this work to a carpenter, roofer or carpenter. In addition, if your window must fit into a stone frame, the intervention of a mason is necessary.

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It should also be noted that using a professional will allow you to enjoy a number of advantages. Indeed, in addition to saving yourself a real chore by doing a job for which you are not necessarily qualified, you save a considerable amount of time.

In addition, you can be sure that you will benefit from a professional, safe and perfectly well done job. Indeed, it should be noted that DIY work does not have the same security guarantees as a replacement of existing skylights carried out by a professional.

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