How to move without having to drive a van?

In Paris, it is always complex to plan a moving date as successfully parking a van is an obstacle course. But don’t panic, there is a real alternative to renting a utility vehicle! We tell you everything to facilitate your move and facilitate your travels.

A van you don’t have to drive in Paris

It is possible to benefit from the rental of a utility vehicle with driver in Paris to relieve your moving organization. Take the hassle out of renting a van, it’s particularly stressful having to drive a vehicle of this size around a ring road at rush hour or trying to squeeze in a slot, especially if you’ve never had it. do. It is also very difficult to find a free place for park your moving truck while you fill it. We are often forced to park in double line at the risk of being fined or hindering the flow of traffic… and thus damaging the truck, which could affect the bill.

moving with a truck

Cheap furniture transport is much easier thanks to the rental of a van with driver. He is waiting for you at the bottom of your accommodation and helps you load or unload the van with your belongings. The service also includes thehelp with protection for transporting your furniture. Renting a truck with driver is also a utility vehicle equipped with equipment to take care of your load: you can take advantage of straps and covers to avoid shocks. In addition, the driver knows the streets of the capital very well and can select the best route to avoid traffic jams and tricky situations. It’s also very practical if you don’t have a driving license!

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Reduce your moving costs

Do you think you can save money by renting a utility vehicle yourself? In reality, it is sometimes more advisable to rent a truck in Paris by the hour, to be able to do your move. By listening to the driver’s advice and benefiting from his helping hand, the transfer of your personal effects can be done faster. You can request an estimate for the transport of your objects according to a shorter deadline. Moving your furniture will be done more easily and efficiently.

The truck will be waiting for you at the place you want and you won’t have to worry about refueling: it’s ready to be used. You also earn on the return of the truck that you won’t have to manage! It’s one less trip to plan.

Rent your truck for a few hours or for a weekend depending on your needs and your budget. It is a very interesting alternative for the utility vehicle rental without having to worry about parking in Paris, and without risking collisions which can be very costly. You are also not exposed to a possible fine if you do not follow the rules of the road properly while driving a truck that is difficult to maneuver.

Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to better choose the formula that suits your budget and your expectations! And don’t forget to declare your move to facilitate operations.

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