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The idea of ​​building a swimming pool has been scratching your mind for a long time and you are now moving on to its realization? Update on the regulatory aspects to be taken into account in this type of project.

Neighborhood and vis-à-vis

Compliance with the rules of adjoining is a first prerequisite if you build a pool in a property adjoining another. You can find out more on this site about swimming pools. Concretely, the law translates these rules into distances to be respected between the boundaries of the swimming pool closest to the contiguous domain and the fence of the latter. Set on a basis of 3 meters by the Town Planning Code, this distance may be the subject of special provisions, specific to the municipality of your residence. This is why it is wise to approach this institution, before the works, to consult the local urban plan.

In the absence of a PLU, other reference texts may specify these provisions. Whether it is a land use plan or national town planning regulations, it is always better to be aware of this detail, before the first pickaxe. On the other hand, if your property is outside the urban area and on the axis of a public road, you must also take into account the provisions of the Town Planning Code, in its article R. 111-6. This stipulates a minimum distance of 25 m from the nearest departmental or national road. A distance of 40 m must be respected if the public road concerned is a motorway axis.

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What about the building permit

The nature of the swimming pool to be built as well as the scope of the work define the usefulness of an application for a building permit. You will need to take this step in 2 specific cases: either your pool occupies an area of ​​more than 100 m², or it has a shelter over 1.80 m high, regardless of surface area. To do this, you will fill in the Cerfa form n°13406*06 and attach the required documents to it, before submitting the application to the town hall. Registered delivery with acknowledgment of receipt is also possible. It is necessary, in any case, to provide 4 copies of the file. Note that constructions requiring the opinion of the Bâtiments de France or located in a protected sector may require the production of additional copies. The planning department of your town hall is authorized to inform you if your project is concerned. Count an instruction period of about 2 months to obtain an answer.

Prior declaration of work

Proceed with this procedure if your swimming pool is between 10 and 100 m² and you are not planning a shelter for it. Ditto if a shelter is part of the project, but its height does not exceed 1.80 m. Note that pools of less than 10 m² considered in protected areas must also be subject to a prior declaration. Are considered as protected areas the sites in the process of classification or classified, the vicinity of a historical monument as well as the perimeter of a heritage site. The Cerfa form n° 13703*06 duly completed and accompanied by the required documents will constitute your DP file. Count approximately 1 month for the instruction of your file.

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