Replace door lock

For optimal protection, ensure the best locking of your door.

More and more thefts, robberies, break-ins, intrusions are terrorizing homes today, hence home security is fundamental.

For this, doors and windows must be completely locked at all costs. A good lock of doors and entrances is therefore very important. Thus, security locks are very essential elements to prevent abuse and theft at home.

To ensure this security, there are several choices of security locks for all types of doors. But this choice also depends on everyone’s taste.

Types of door locks

There are two types of lock models: the button lock and the double cylinder. The first, with button, as indicated, locks the door by means of a button. It is usually done from inside the house just by turning the knob.

The second, called the double cylinder lock, contains two cylinders which are complementary in terms of locking the door. The first cylinder operates the lock on the outside, while the second cylinder on the inside completes the locking of the room. The choice of users is mainly based on the double cylinder lock, which is more secure.

What are the right criteria for choosing the right door lock?

To choose the right lock, several criteria must be taken into account. For your purchases, you should therefore know a few elements such as the thickness of your doors, the various fixings, the material used, etc.

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Several tips are still useful. Fix yourself on the dimensions of the barrel: these must be equal to those of the thickness of your door. Also consider how to fix the security lock on your door. These fixing methods depend on your door. You can use wood screws for your wooden doors or fixing brackets, which are stronger and more resistant.

Replacing a door lock

It sounds easy, but this act still requires some important conditions. Dimensions, compatibilities, materials used, all are complementary and should not be neglected in any case.

To do this, first accumulate all the necessary knowledge about security locks: the horizontal distance of the screws, their vertical distance, the size engulfed in the bolt, and without forgetting the submerged length of the cylinder. Thus, the act of replacing the lock strongly depends on these distances. For your in-store purchases, bring your tape measure or your old security lock.

If you opt for a cylinder change only, the task is easier. Just unscrew the screw, extract the cylinder and replace it. But for the locks, opt instead for a replacement with a double entry lock or a movable half-cylinder. Once your new lock is attached, sleep safe.

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