How to decorate a basement?

You want to decorate your basement but you have no ideas how to do it. Discover our tips for finding inspiration.

Furnishing and decorating a basement to make it habitable is a good way to expand your home. It can be a new room for a teenager’s room or to accommodate family and friends. Unless it is a living room or a place where you can exercise your professional activity, or your passion (painting, music, etc.). This is also so trendy that the term « flexible » has appeared in the world of work. Discover all our decoration ideas and tips to make the space warm.

What is a flexible?

We call flexible accommodation on two levels, the lower level of which is located below the ground floor. This type of dwelling sometimes takes the name of inverted duplex because the extension is from the bottom instead of the top.

Generally, the occupants of a flexible space convert a cellar or a basement into a habitable room such as a bedroom. In addition, this system allows financial savings because the price per square meter is lower than that of a ground floor.

The flexiblex is therefore an atypical accommodation which requires special attention in terms of insulation and the regulations in force. However, decoration fans can easily give free rein to their creativity to compose a unique and personalized place.

How to decorate a basement? The choice of wall and floor covering.

Once the walls and floor of the room are well insulated, you can think about the choice of wall and floor covering.

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Paint or wallpaper? Or both ?

On the wall, the trick is to increase the layers of protection with paint. There are insulating models. It represents a way to put color in a space that needs it. Thus, the basement will be transformed.

In fact, the process consists of adopting a paint base in neutral tones (ecru, white, pink, etc.) in order to make the volumes spacious, then playing with bright colors. These shades will redraw the volumes and bring depth. You can, for example, opt for a colored wall section.

And over the paint, it is also possible to put a wallpaper. Why not decorate a basement with a strip of colored tapestry. Today, in decoration stores, you will find all kinds of trendy wallpaper models (graphic, geometric, floral, exotic, etc.). Depending on the destination of the place, opt for a wall covering that throws or more discreet.

Floor : parquet, carpet, resin…

As far as the floor is concerned, it is better to opt for a covering covering such as parquet. The carpet can also represent a solution if it turns out to be thick enough. The idea is then to create an additional layer to reinforce the thermal comfort of the place. Note that you can now easily find anti-stain carpets.

On the other hand, a plain resin floor will bring brightness to the space. Then play with the loft spirit in an open space.

Of course, if the basement is intended to become a DIY or paint shop, it is better to avoid floors that are too fragile. Polished concrete will be ideal.

Decorating a basement: the importance of artificial lighting

By definition, the basement lacks natural light. It is therefore essential to supplement any escape of light with artificial complements. Besides, to decorate a room, there is nothing like it.

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Think of luminaires in the form of led rails, for example. It is perfect for this type of place. The objective is then to give the impression of daylight. Also plan table lamps or floor lamps to bring a friendly and warm note to the basement.

On the other hand, if the height allows it, you can integrate spotlights into a false ceiling. Modern, this artificial light system adapts completely to a basement converted into a living room.

Finally, to create a subdued atmosphere, plan dimmers on each light source.

Tip: combine pendant lights and recessed lights to create an effect of depth and eliminate dark corners.

The choice of materials

In a room like the basement, it is better to bet on natural materials that will bring an authentic note to the space. Of course, wood is the raw material par excellence that gives character to any place.

And for even more charm, combine wood with white stone. Why not create a stone wall or siding to give style to your finished basement? Unless you prefer the glass brick wall which allows for maximum natural light. Also use materials that naturally reflect light. Among them, lacquered materials and metal.

Then, add accessories and decorative elements made with natural materials. Think of the jute rug, the pair of linen curtains, the ethnic basket, the rattan furniture… The place will gain warmth.

Tip: if your work budget allows it, decorating a basement with a glass roof is a modern and trendy solution. This is a great way to divide two spaces or create a quiet corner. And the glass allows the light to pass through.

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Decorating a basement to make it cozy: the accessories

Furnishing a basement requires thought, especially in terms of comfort. And the furniture as well as the decorative accessories have quite a role to fulfill. Depending on the orientation of the soft, you can add a soft sofa, large armchairs, soft cushions. Not to mention the fluffy carpet on the floor. On the one hand, you will gain in thermal comfort. And on the other hand, the place will be more cozy. You will then have the impression of being in a cocoon.

Then, having a quiet corner in a basement can be life-saving. It is quite possible to create a reading corner where you can read quietly or rest. Then put together a boudoir with a comfortable armchair, coffee table, small bookcase, woolen or knitted pouf… Treat yourself!

And if you have children, set up a little corner for them in the basement. Remember to fix a few shelves to arrange games, toys, a few books. And invest in small practical and comfortable furniture: table, children’s chair, play mat… You will make people happy!

Decoration of a flexible: the strong element!

Finally, to make your flexiblex look like no other, it should be personalized by adding style. Why not decorate a basement with a vintage object, representative of an era?

You can absolutely store a pool table in the middle of the room, a pinball machine, a jukebox or even a piano if you like to play or listen to music. In another register, also think of the popcorn machine or a large aquarium, it will certainly appeal to the youngest.

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