Why choose a goose down and feather duvet for a luxury bedroom?

Do you love sleeping in big hotels? It must be said that the 5-star bed linen is very pleasant, and that the duvet is soft and very warm! Why not reproduce the same atmosphere at home in order to take full advantage of the pleasure of going to sleep each night? A room worthy of a 5 star requires suitable bedding!

Luxury bedding sets: how to sleep in a soft cocoon?

By choosing cotton sateen bed linen for example and a soft down duvet, you will love slipping into a particularly pleasant bed, feeling protected in this soft setting. It is not complicated to set up at home, but it is important to choose materials of very good quality. If you are tempted to go for entry-level duvets or bedding sets, their quality will necessarily be lower and you will not have the same pleasure in going to bed in sheets that lack softness.


The quality of bed linen and duvet

Not all duvets are created equal, and not all bedding sets are created equal. For the duvet, opt for a weight of down large enough to have a slight feeling of weight on you.

And for the bedding, pay particular attention to the number of threads per cm². Indeed, it is weaving with a large number of threads which offers real quality to the bed linen. You have to find a good balance, because a fabric over 300 thread count would be really stiff. Opt for bed linen with a minimum of 180 threads per cm², as for luxury bed sets.

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Choose natural materials for your bedding

What we like when we arrive in a hotel is to land on a perfectly made bed, furnished with a welcoming duvet and fresh, elegant and immaculate luxury bed linen: pillowcases, duvet, bed skirt, fitted sheet, flat sheet, etc. It is this atmosphere that you must try to find at home. Whether for the duvet or for the bedding set, it is recommended to choose natural materials. If you are looking for bedding worthy of a palace, head to the top of the range!

A high-end duvet

For the duvet, choose duck or goose down. It brings a lot of swelling and it is a very good insulator. It is also naturally anti-mite and anti-allergic. Choose a duvet with a high weight and a harmonious distribution of the down. It must be enclosed in a grid of over-seams so that all the feathers do not end up in one corner of the duvet. The seams create « airlocks » that keep the feathers ideally distributed over the entire surface of the duvet.

So select a goose or duck down duvet rather than a synthetic one: the feathers are selected for their natural swelling and create an effective barrier against the cold by trapping air. Note that goose down is rarer than duck down, so it is more expensive, but also of much higher quality.

A luxury bedding set

Above all, avoid synthetic materials or polyester and cotton blends, they tend to increase perspiration and deteriorate very quickly. For exceptionally soft sheets, go for cotton, a vegetable and natural fiber that always remains fresh and soft.

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For luxury bed linen, opt for percale or cotton sateen! Cotton sateen is a real solution for beautiful bed linen and enjoy a pleasant, fresh feeling at every bedtime. Very elegant, this particularly refined material ensures maximum comfort, which makes it the preferred choice of large hotels. The best cotton sateen comes from the famous Egyptian cotton, of a rare and exceptional quality! Like percale, the fabric does not deteriorate over time and washes, on the contrary, it becomes softer and softer.

Cotton sateen or cotton percale?

Having trouble telling the difference between cotton sateen and cotton percale? These are fabrics made with the same fiber, but they use different weaving techniques.

The cotton sateen

This type of material is renowned for its sweetness and finesse. Cotton sateen bed linen is recognizable by a matte appearance on one side and a slightly shiny finish on the other. High quality cotton sateen has a minimum of 150 threads per cm². It is very comfortable and very soft to the touch. Its very elegant finish evokes the bedding of large hotels, it is undoubtedly the choice to make for a 5-star room.

sateen cottonsateen cotton

Cotton percale

The quality of cotton percale is defined according to the tightness of the threads. If the tightening is very thin, the bed linen will be very strong and durable. But cotton percale bed linen is also very supple and soft: it has a less shiny matte appearance than cotton sateen.

The right dimensions according to your bedding

Who has never fought for a little duvet because their spouse has just rolled up while turning? It’s a permanent fight if you don’t choose your luxury bed linen and your duvet with the right dimensions. Whatever the size of your bedding, it is recommended to think big! Do not choose bed linen and a duvet that are the same size as the mattress. You have to offer a comfortable fall so that people sleeping in the bed can turn around without having a foot or hand protrude. In addition, by choosing a bed linen wider than the mattress, you will ensure much more elegance to your bedding, as in hotels.

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If your bed measures 160×200 cm, for example, it is advisable to opt for a down duvet and a duvet cover of 260 x 240 cm. Cold air won’t have a chance to get under the blanket when you turn around. Also think about the cup of your luxury fitted sheet: some mattresses are thick (especially high quality ones!) and require a significant cup height in order to be perfectly maintained.

As the saying goes « as you make your bed, you go to bed »! So take the time to make yourself a cozy nest with top-of-the-range, pleasant natural materials. Very soft duck down and very soft cotton sateen will ensure you sweet nights. It is important to prepare your bed well to guarantee a regenerative and beneficial sleep. If you sleep well, you get all the benefits of a good night’s rest during the day!

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