Why opt for LED lighting?

Are you still hesitating to change your bulbs to switch to LED lighting? Are you wondering if it is possible to make a trendy interior decoration with LED lamps? Powerful enough lighting without being too cold? We give you here all the information you need to make you understand the interest of quickly switching to LED lighting!

Why opt for LED lighting?

The main advantage of LED lighting is the intensity it will provide while requiring less energy. For example, to obtain equivalent luminosity, a 10 watt LED lamp is used against a traditional 100 watt bulb. So it’s not less than 80% savings that you will see on your energy bill if you replace all your traditional lighting with LED lamps.

In addition, you should know that an LED bulb has a lifespan 25 times longer than a conventional bulb. With less electricity consumption and greater longevity, in other words the investment pays for itself very quickly. As a general rule, the classic bulb has a lifespan approaching 1000 hours of use. With LED lighting, you can expect no less than 25,000 hours of light! It’s really the best solution to replace the lighting in your interior, while making significant savings all year round.

A greener approach

By choosing to switch to LED lighting, you are also acting to respect our environment. LED lamps provide more light while requiring much less electricity to operate. You will find that the energy efficiency of LED lamps is much more efficient than other types of bulbs. By consuming less electricity for your interior lighting, you act to reduce the impact on our environment.

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Make sure that the LED bulb is efficient by consulting the energy label affixed to its packaging. LED lamps are classified to indicate their efficiency. The best bulbs of this type are rated A+ or even A++. The energy label takes into account the electricity that is consumed by the bulb, but also the luminosity lost according to the power of the beam.

Create unique atmospheres with LED

This is one of the interests of LED lamps, they come in all shapes and they can be used to adorn different devices.

Light garlands for a festive style

Have fun creating unique atmospheres with LED light garlands! They are ideal for gently illuminating a room that is too dark or for cocooning in a cozy corner. The atmosphere provided by an LED light garland can be adapted to all styles of decoration.

type of led lighting

For a romantic atmosphere, opt for a garland with balls in pastel colors that you place under a glass globe. They are placed on a pretty piece of furniture or a fireplace to bring softness to a decoration. For a more industrial style, we choose a light garland with raw light bulbs and a sober wire that you will place along a beam or on a drawer unit. The guinguette garlands are also very fashionable and will bring a vintage touch to your decoration.

In a child’s room, the light garland is a very pleasant source to be able to read or make a return to calm before sleeping. Small, large, with many lamps, colorful or sober, the light garland is also an ideal asset for create a pleasant decoration and light up the holiday season or festivities throughout the year.

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Integrate lamps in the walls

LEDs are very practical, because they offer very interesting perspectives for personalizing a decoration. LED lamps offer high quality brightness while reducing energy consumption. Imagine a unique decoration by integrating a light ramp in a false ceiling in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

You can also create a unique ambiance by incorporating LEDs into a headboard or stair treads. LED lamps are very easy to use, even for novice DIYers. Thanks to a remote control, it is possible to change the color of an LED lamp. It’s really fun to give a unique character to your decoration. By adding LED lamps in the walls of your wall, you multiply the sources of light by providing ideal brightness for carrying out meticulous tasks. One thinks in particular of a location located above a work surface or on the upper part of a desk. Also immerse the room in dim light when watching TV. The recessed LED spot is a perfect solution to bring a beautiful finish to an interior decoration while discreetly.

integrate a led lamp

Play with light sources

LED lamps are available in different shapes and supports. You will therefore find lamps or garlands suitable for all decorations. Functional lighting is associated with refined, trendy or fun looks. Let your imagination run wild so that your interior decoration is enhanced by these different LED light sources. There are table lamps, light garlands, illuminated shelves, wall lights, you will have a wide choice in the offer of supports that can receive LED bulbs.

Distribute the different light sources in all your rooms. This gives a more harmonious ambience than a single lamp could do. Don’t hesitate to use LED lights, as they are inexpensive and won’t cause your energy bill to go up in flames.

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Create indirect lighting to bring softness to your interior. It is also an opportunity to emphasize certain strong points of the architecture of your house. We think in particular of a banister, an alcove or a bar. We also like to place indirect lighting behind a television set, because it attenuates the strong difference in brightness which could harm your eyes in the long term.

Also highlight an object you hold dear, by placing lighting behind and concealing it. It’s a way to attract the attention of your guests and to enhance this object that you appreciate. And to personalize a child’s room, choose to create a magical atmosphere with light garlands under a loft bed. The child will enjoy meeting there to read, play or invent stories straight out of his imagination!

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