Photo printing: enjoy your memories that are still fresh

Creating beautiful memories with the photos in its picture library is getting easier and easier. Nowadays, you have many possibilities to remember the good times spent with your loved ones. Watch and keep close at hand each of your favorite events with the people who participated and the place where it took place, with your snapshots as memories. To do this, all you have to do is print your photos. Various solutions are available to do this. You just have to choose the ideal photo(s) with the formats of your choice for unique and original creations.

What are the preferred prints for a gift?

Once you’ve finished taking and polishing your souvenir photos, don’t hesitate to share them with your loved ones! Indeed, it is an authentic gift idea that is sure to please. Create your own gift thanks to the printing of photos offered by platforms specializing in the printing of quality photos! These help you to create a unique work, perfect as a gift for a loved one. Many types of prints are available to you to make your gift. You have the choice: either a standard print made on a 210g/m² paper, or on a premium paper with a thickness of 250 g/m².

You can also shoot your photos in retro version. This kind of printing is very popular for its vintage look with a glossy finish. Your retro print will be on thick 330 gsm paper. To be sure to please every time, you can add a short note to present your wishes to the recipient. If you choose a retro draw in premium version, on some platforms, you will be offered a kit. The latter is usually made up of string, clips and adhesive tape so that your photos are highlighted. You also have the option of printing your gift photos in a square shape with a finish of your choice: glossy or matte.

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For maximum visibility, it is also possible toprint your photos in large format. For example, you can opt for a size of 13 x 17 cm so that the photo can be framed and hung on the wall. You can choose it with or without a white border, depending on your preference.

More and more people are also opting for posters as a gift. To do this, you just have to select one of your favorite photos and print it in an XXL version. As for the shape, you have the choice between square, panoramic or rectangular.

To give more allure to your gift, choose the decorated box. The photo will be drawn on the sliding cover. And to complement it, opt for a box filled with flattering selfies that will have marked wonderful moments together. You can also make sure to give a clue by favoring a photo that will give a clue as to what is inside the box.

Photo prints

The different supports available for your photos

Many media are available for all your photo prints.

Canvas printing

For all large format photo prints, you can put them on a canvas (canvas) to have a very nice result. The print on canvas allows you to create an authentic painting yourself and is an excellent idea for decorating your living room. Whether you choose a canvas with or without a frame, the rendering will be very pleasant anyway. It should be known that the print with the canvas is also very appreciated by the professionals as visual support of effective communication.

Printing with a plexiglass support

This photographic medium is renowned for its elegance and practicality and continues to attract more and more people. Indeed, this transparent support is both noble and solid and it is generally used by companies as a visual communication tool. Individuals favor it for its very decorative design. So if you want to have a high quality and timeless support, the latter is the most recommended.

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The great advantage of directing your choice towards a Plexiglas support is that it not only offers a pure transparent rendering, but above all it enhances any print.

Printing with a forex poster

For those who wish to design a unique painting, both rigid and light with a beautiful photo, the forex support is able to satisfy you. The rigid aspect of forex posters is used to better decorate the decoration of your room, whether it is a living room, a store or an office. With this type of support, choose the thickness that best suits the format of your prints: either a thickness of 3 mm, 5 mm or even 10 mm. Regardless of the format and thickness you choose, rest assured that the result with a forex is always very qualitative and intense.

PVC or forex posters are often chosen for their modernity and lightness compared to a wooden stand. This support is also very advantageous from the point of view of price. One more advantage: it does not produce reflections, and some even have UV protection. PVC is also prized for the quality of its surface which is very compact, with a quality graphic rendering. Forex posters are especially recommended for prints with a glossy finish.

What photo gifts to offer?

Give unique gifts to family and friends with quick-to-design keepsake photos. You just have to capture your moments of happiness together to create an authentic gift that is sure to surprise your loved ones.

You can choose personalized photo magnets square or rectangular in shape. These are perfect for reminiscing about your times together. Your loved one will think of you every time they open their fridge!

For a classic gift, you can also offer him a personalized mug with one of your favorite photos printed on it. If the recipient is more of a fan of gastronomy, you can choose a kitchen apron personalized with a photo to surprise him and make him happy. This is a perfect gift, especially with a photo of him or her printed on it. You can also design a keychain with one of your favorite photos.

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For a recipient who appreciates hugs, the very soft personalized cushion is best able to fill it. Thus, your loved one will be able to hug him and will always feel your presence when the need for hugs arises.

Many platforms specializing in photo printing also offer personalized gift cards. To take advantage of it, you just have to choose the amount of your card, mention the address of the recipient and the platform will take care of the shipment. Note that with personalized cards, you have the option of writing a personal message. Personalized gift cards are suitable for all types of events, whether for a birthday, a wedding or even for the end of the year celebrations.


The electronic gift cards are also a great option for a last minute gift. If you haven’t found the perfect gift in time, send an electronic gift card by email. These are customizable with photos and videos. With this type of card, you can choose to insert a personalized message. Moreover, by offering an electronic card to your loved ones, you give them the freedom to print the souvenir photos of their choice themselves.

Size advantage: the sending of an electronic gift card can be programmed. Yes, you can plan 3 months in advance to send your gift! Obviously, this will no longer be a last-minute gift, but rather an additional surprise gift, or one intended for a loved one who is geographically far away.

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