Aquarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility in Love

Aquarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility in Love: Characters

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus (love) and Aquarius by Saturn (karma) and Uranus (rebellion). Venus has feminine energy and Saturn has masculine energy. Venus focuses on beauty, romantic and sensual pleasures, anything meaningful and enjoyable for Taurus. Saturn asks Aquarius to focus on hard work and discipline to achieve their goals. Uranus offers an Aquarius with revolutionary thoughts. Taurus can show Aquarius that life is based on emotions, enhanced by beauty and well-being. The Aquarius man, in turn, can show the Taurus woman how to strive for betterment and how to walk away from something if that’s not possible, an important lesson for Taurus to learn. ).

Taurus is an earth sign, Aquarius is an air sign. The Aquarius man focuses on intellectual relationships and pursuits, while the Taurus woman focuses her attention on more material and sensual interests. These two signs sometimes have a hard time understanding each other. If Taurus clings or Aquarius seems too cold and detached, quarrels can break out. If there is mutual respect at the base, they will be able to understand each other better.

Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs. They are both stubborn and once a decision is made, they never go back on it, as they don’t like to change their views or opinions. This extends to personal relationships: once they commit to each other, nothing will make them decide to stop the relationship. If the relationship is harmonious and mutually beneficial, that’s a great thing. Both of these signs need to understand that working together is better than quarreling.

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Aquarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

in love: love and relationships

When Taurus man and Aquarius woman fall in love, they can move mountains together if they can figure out how to coordinate their bond. The Taurus woman has a practical appreciation for life that is totally different from the conventional view of the Aquarius man. Taurus is resistant to change, while Aquarius is the most temperamental sign of the zodiac.

These two signs may seem to have little in common, but they do share a deep desire to succeed. They are excellent partners in business and somewhat in love. Both react very differently to tensions: when Taurus gets angry, he tends to emphasize his state, while when Aquarius man feels pressure, he tends to walk away from his torments. This can cause Taurus to get even tougher and Aquarius to distance themselves even further. The modern, progressive Aquarius man may find the Taurus woman a bit boring in her habits, while the Taurus may be frustrated with Aquarius’ intellectual abilities. Despite these differences, however, they have a lot to offer.

Aquarius Man Taurus Woman Compatibility

in love: the challenges

These signs have strong personalities and neither wants to be dominated by the other, no matter how hard they try. This relationship can be exciting and satisfying once the partners decide to share the tasks and put in the effort.

Because these two partners hardly meet by chance. Their lives are very different: the Taurus woman in love likes a sedentary and productive life, the Aquarius man in love likes adventure and crazy projects.

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Initially, the Taurus woman will tend to perceive Aquarius as an elusive and sometimes frivolous person. Each of the two, even when meeting informally, is as if transparent, since the meeting points are very few. This, at least, during a first approach.

The Aquarius man is generally inconstant while the Taurus woman is deeply rooted in her ideas. Despite these differences, however, this couple, even between highs and lows, can work as long as they manage to coordinate in their common actions. Of course, it will not be easy, but the Aquarius man will find in her the stability he so desires and the Taurus woman will find in her pleasant stimuli.

For this couple to work, both partners must both give up dominating each other: This possibility is really difficult for two signs with such a strong and different personality.

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