Clairvoyance: how to choose your pendulum?

Choosing a pendulum is like choosing a new puppy or kitten – you rarely go wrong. But there are still many decisions to be made. Should you choose a pendulum in metal, with precious stones or in crystal? How?Will it work for me? Here are the answers to all your questions.

Choosing your clairvoyance pendulum: materials and shapes

First, here are some general details about pendulums. All metal pendulums are made by machines and therefore the shapes are constant and do not vary. The qualities of the work and the material vary, however. Metal pendulums are not always symmetrical and do not balance each other, resulting in uneven oscillations in use. Most metal pendulums have a brass alloy base, some of them are then plated in gold or silver. Bronze and copper pendulums are also very common. Like everything else, metals also have different qualities.

The terms « gemstone » and « crystal » are often used interchangeably when referring to pendulums, although they are really two different materials. In general, the crystals are those that have the appearance of glass and they are transparent. Quartz is a crystal, for example. Gemstones are rocks, they look solid. Their beauty is in what you see on the surface, but it’s a beauty that goes to the core, like lapis lazuli, for example. All gemstone and crystal pendulums are handcrafted because machines cannot yet handle the delicate shaping process. For this reason, the sizes and colors of gemstone pendulums and crystals vary, since they are naturally formed materials. No two gemstone or crystal pendulums are exactly the same. Everyone is unique in the world.

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The best shape for a pendulum is one that has a point at the bottom. Earth is the most powerful element. Life thrives on the earth, gravity draws us firmly to it. This is why the vast majority of pendulums have a downward point, pointing towards the earth.

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Choosing your clairvoyance pendulum: the feeling

Now, how do you know which pendulum to choose? Each of us has a preconceived idea of ​​what beauty is. From time to time, we surprise ourselves by breaking out of this preconceived idea. There is no difference here. Look at any pendulums that catch your eye right away. Do you feel anything? Which is calling you? Close your eyes, block everything out and picture it with your mind’s eye. Is there a slight tingling? An almost undetectable tremor or warmth that you didn’t feel before? If not, move on to the next pendulum and repeat the process until you find one that appeals to you.

It is completely normal to feel tingling with more than one pendulum. A pendulum will never be jealous if you have several. In fact, having several pendulums increases the possibilities because each pendulum has different properties.

Choose your pendulum: observe its characteristics

If you’ve tried several pendulums and still don’t feel any appeal – fear not! Your pendulum doesn’t choose you – just choose it! After all, you are the master. Choose one that you like the most, one that is most pleasing to your eyes, one that you think you can love.

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When you have chosen your pendulum, look at it in detail. Examine all of its unique features and attributes. Yes, even metal pendulums made by machines will have their own characteristics and attributes. Sometimes you will connect right away with your pendulum. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but eventually you will create a special relationship with your divination support. To learn how to make dowsingsee our article on clairvoyance with the pendulum.

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