How to keep a cancer man?

Know the personality of the Cancer man to better keep him

Very marked by his childhood, the native of cancer sign has a restrained personality who does not easily manage to let go of his past, which weakens him and prevents him from being truly enterprising. In addition, he tends to develop nostalgic reasoning and points of view in his discussions, which can confuse his interlocutors. Very sensitive, he needs immediate contact with his loved ones while he himself seems very shy with wider circles of acquaintance. However, for once, so reassured with his entourage, the Cancer man tends without realizing to somewhat stifle their sphere of life.

How to keep a cancer man?

However, the Cancer man develops many other opposite facets: very altruistic and empathetic, he puts his hypersensitivity into play in the service of the attention of others in order to best satisfy their needs. Very understanding, he does not skimp in the least when it comes to service requests, being happy to be helpful and available. However, it is advisable to beware of his moments of bewilderment, when the Cancerian man cannot locate his energy and perhaps feels too far from a feeling of security, of the permanence of a state of tranquility. As soon as a grain of sand seems to tickle him deep in his soul, the Cancerian man can get nervous and deviate: thoughts and disparaging remarks, even temporary bloodshed.

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Avoiding certain pitfalls to better keep a Cancer man

In this context, it is easy to understand that it is a question of knowing the Cancer man well in order to want to keep him. Not just knowing how to value it or make it safe, but also managing to detach it from this feeling of abandonment that never ceases to torment it. This famous permanent return to childhood in the mind of the Cancer man which weighs heavily on him, preventing him from truly taking flight beyond the vicissitudes of existence. Ultimately, in order to keep a Cancer man, it seems appropriate to know how to give him both strong emotional closeness guarantees while protecting you from his propensity to go beyond certain lines, caught up in his childhood which somewhat cracks his adult understanding. .

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