How to keep a Gemini man?

Know the personality of the Gemini man to better keep it

The native man of gemini sign has a restrained and thoughtful personality, which leads him to a fairly solitary lifestyle, especially since the Gemini man likes to dissect, analyze and study each event, situation or choice he goes through. Able to confuse those around him, he has no equal in showing creative capacities of all kinds that he does not manage to sufficiently exteriorize, value, share. These aspects exposed, there emerges a personality with somewhat enigmatic outlines which shows a moving personality, all the more mysterious in that it is diaphanous, almost foreign to itself, as if prevented from social openness.

How to keep a Gemini man?

In fact, the recourse to the exploration of his childhood gives precious keys to elucidating his ethereal adult personality, in particular his relationship to the mother. It emerges that the Gemini man had in the majority of cases a very loving mother, all the more present as she must have been anxious, in constant attention for her child. He, as a real troublemaker and breaker, did not make his task any easier and contributed to fueling the mother’s anxieties. Therefore, without sinking into an unfortunate shortcut and a rapid and reductive psychology, we can nevertheless understand the contours of his current personality, at least see the sources of his isolation taking shape, linked to emotional lack, cut off from childhood and maternal presence.

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Avoid certain pitfalls to better keep the Gemini man

This fusional relationship with the mother articulated around anxiety-provoking feelings has also contributed to shaping the all-out creativity of the Gemini man who shows certain artistic talents, but who has difficulty channeling himself into a particular practice. Therefore, if you rightly intend to keep your Gemini man in love, you will need to arm yourself with patience and empathy in order to be able to understand him and appease him in a suggestive way. Qualities of heart and temperance will be essential for you to reassure the Gemini man you care about and who will be able to restore it to you exponentially, know this.

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