What credible alternative to Livret A in 2020?

In mid-January, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire announced that from February 1 the Livret A rate would be 0.5%, its lowest rate since its creation in 1818. If this announcement was expected , it is nonetheless a real blow for the French. Indeed, the Livret A is the most popular savings investment in France. It is seen as a risk-free investment and that is why it convinced a large part of the French. However, the new passbook A rate no longer offers many advantages and if savers want to find other rates for their investments, they will have to turn to new products.

Higher inflation than traditional investments

According to INSEE, in January 2020, the inflation rate in France is 1.5%. The passbook A rate is 0.5%, as is that of the sustainable and solidarity-based development booklet (LDDS), another savings investment popular with the French. The average of the rates of the different life insurances turn between 1 and 1.5%. As you will have understood, inflation is higher than conventional investments. They are seen as risk-free investments, but today the low rates do not make investments that pay off. So where to invest your money in 2020? This is a question that many French people ask themselves and the answer can come from innovative solutions.

Have access to the best rates in Europe

If your country offers rates that are too low, why not invest elsewhere? This is what the German start-up Raisin offers. The principle is simple: Raisin invests your savings for you in banks offering the best rates in Europe, ensuring profitable investments. For the French, this offer takes the form of a real alternative to the Livret A. Customers can benefit from term accounts (the operation of which has been explained to you here) or savings accounts at the best rates available on the continent. For this, Raisin works in collaboration with banks present throughout Europe. It is an innovative formula that comes to relaunch the concept of savings investment, a concept in decline with its low rates in the face of high inflation. It is a project that appeals since Goldman Sachs did not hesitate to invest nearly 25 million in the German start-up. Raisin may be reinventing the savings investment and the French could be conquered by this new formula.

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For savers, the situation in France is far from ideal: low interest rates, high inflation. So where to put your money? It is on the side of innovative solutions that we must turn to find an answer. The German start-up Raisin offers a simple model, having access to the best investment rates anywhere in Europe, going beyond borders to obtain profitable investments.

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