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The astrological profile of the Cancer ascendant

If you were born with a Cancer ascendant, you are certainly very in tune with your emotions and your feelings. Your sense of self-awareness is impressive, and that’s what makes your personality so interesting. You are guided by your emotions and often listen to your heart rather than your head when it comes to making decisions. Understanding others and consoling them are part of your strengths and make you just as pleasant to be around. Sensitivity can often get the better of Cancer ascendants and cause them to act rashly.

An ascendant of the astrological sign of Cancer is hypersensitive. He puts the family and his home at the center of everything. These people sometimes need to withdraw into their shell in order to better protect themselves from the outside world. They are often anxious and need to live in a secure and calming environment in order to flourish.

These natives of the ascending astrological sign Cancer are therefore very defensive; they will withdraw at the first sign of rejection. They often need emotional support, and when the need arises, they reciprocate those who need it every day.

Cancer ascendants take things very seriously because the Moon rules them.

Strong points : Sociable, intuitive and affectionate
Weaknesses : Whimsical, indecisive and clumsy
Ideal partner : Someone sincere and who has a good heart
Life lesson for the Cancer ascendant : Lead a life without material or spiritual clutter

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The influence of the Cancer ascendant on your zodiac sign

Find out what the Cancer ascendant brings to the zodiac signs

  • Cancer Ascendant Cancer: Regardless of your age, you will always feel like a child in need of love and attention.
  • Leo rising Cancer: The contradictory forces of water and fire create inner uncertainty, which pushes you to abandon your ideas and plans when you do not have immediate results.
  • Virgo Cancer ascendant: You are hypersensitive but you try to bury your feelings deep within yourself.
  • Aquarius rising Cancer: ou seem sensitive, vulnerable and romantic but, in reality, you are very strange and completely unpredictable.
  • Pisces ascendant Cancer: You are quite a sensitive person and have constant mood swings. Your senses and intuition can guide you through uncertain situations.

The influence of the Cancer ascendant in love

Cancer ascendants are looking for reliable and stable partners. They also seek a committed relationship with well-defined boundaries and expectations. The natives of Cancer ascendant appreciate someone who is both romantic and serious in love. Their emotional attachment and strong family values ​​make their love life often happy and successful.

Cancer ascendants are very loving personalities and outstanding partners. These people follow their heart in any situation and add their sensitivity and sensuality to it.

The Cancer ascendant has better compatibility with other water signs such as Scorpio or Pisces. It can also be compatible with earth signs like Virgo or Taurus.

Weaknesses and strengths of the Cancer ascendant

This rising sign has many advantages. It often balances the astrological sign by bringing softness and roundness. It is a protective ascendant, hypersensitive, gentle and imaginative. Moreover, it is often very appreciated for all these beautiful qualities. He has the gift of putting others at ease, in his company one feels good, calm and confident. His hypersensitivity allows him to show compassion towards people. And since no one is perfect, the Cancer ascendant is no exception to the rule and brings its weaknesses.
If people born under the Cancer ascendant feel under pressure, they can quickly lose their temper and react very strongly emotionally. Sometimes, Cancer ascendants are therefore considered to be moody, and can become easily depressed. They also suffer from fear of the future and can be extremely gullible, as they are often so innocent.

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These celebrities who have the sign of Cancer ascending

  • Stephen King (Virgo Ascendant Cancer)
  • Julia Roberts (Scorpio rising Cancer)
  • Ben Affleck (Leo Ascendant Cancer)
  • Angelina Jolie (Gemini ascendant Cancer)

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