What are the different decans of the Scorpio sign?

The sign of Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are the most seductive and attractive. The sign of Scorpio is under the influence of the planet Pluto.

Scorpios are always looking for renewal and transformation. The sign of Scorpio is a water sign that is linked to emotions, sensitivity and intuition. This is why Scorpios often fall victim to deep emotions and dark moods.

Scorpio first decan: October 24 to November 2

Scorpio’s fixed nature gives you a lot of tenacity and stamina. Once you set out to accomplish something, you will persist regardless of the obstacles until you finally succeed. You have the energy and the will to persevere very actively.

The Scorpios of the first decan are loyal and unwavering and the others quickly feel that they can count on them. They will stick with a lover long after others in the same situation have let them go. However, once they let go, there is usually no going back. The people best suited to a Scorpio 1st decan are endowed with a great sense of humor, active in the pursuit of their goals, independent and they love compliments.

First decan Scorpios are drawn to mystery but can keep it secret. Scorpio has a great power of self-discipline if they choose to use it.

Scorpio second decan: November 3 to 12

The important under-influences of this decan can induce many rather interesting differences. Although you still possess the strong will, determination and energy characteristic of any Scorpio person, you are less inclined to show yourself as strong as others. Maybe your motto for getting what you want in everyday situations is actually that old adage about treading slowly but carrying a big stick.

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Neptune, the planet of sensitivity, combines with Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio, to accentuate the positive and dynamic personality. Pisces is dreamy, while Scorpio is intense, focused, and very active. The combined influences of Mars and Neptune keep second decan Scorpios intensely busy, charting their cautious path to fame and fortune.

It is important for you to find deeper meaning in your relationships. You are romantic and intense. Once the 2nd decan Scorpio can find contentment in love, they reach their true potential in other areas of life.

Scorpio third decan: November 13 to 22

3rd decan Scorpios are the most balanced and evolved of the Scorpio sign. He managed to lose the typical Scorpio distrust of others. The influence of the Moon allows them to speak with incredible strength, subtle wit, compassionate eloquence and of course always with the seductiveness of Scorpio.

When the Scorpio 3rd decan takes care of someone, he does it with one hundred and one percent of his being. People who are best suited for Scorpio 3rd decan should keep in mind their aversion to people who seek to please themselves. This Scorpio is often attracted to self-sufficient people who have something unusual to offer. As seductive as Scorpios are, they are quite vulnerable to the seductive talents of others. Partners and companions learn fairly quickly not to take the attentions of Scorpio 3rd decan for granted, or they will discover that what has been given freely can also be withheld, or taken away entirely.

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