The stones to wear for the sign of Leo

Leo energy

Leo, which begins on July 23 and ends on August 22, is the fifth sign of the zodiac.

The birthstone of Leo is the peridot stone. Peridot is the stone of compassion and inspires creativity and peace. It can be used in all aspects of your life!

Ruled by the sun, Leos are the natural rulers of the zodiac. They are lively, outgoing people who live their lives to the fullest and exude luminous energy.

Leos are known for their stability, consistency, hardworking nature, and fearlessness, traits that make them great leaders. These fire signs like to be in control. They love power and attention and are very aware of their own magnificence. But don’t ask Leos to be otherwise. Their drive to be the best stems from the need to prove their personal worth.

Here are the best stones and crystals for the sign of Leo.

Stone #1: Ruby

This fiery red stone is ideal for the sign of Leo as it helps increase their energy levels. Ruby increases self-confidence, which is very important when trying to achieve your goals in life.

Ruby is also known to boost creative thinking, courage, confidence, and a love of life!

Any Leo sun sign is influenced by the energy of the sun. This stone is great for staying balanced and grounded when it comes to showing emotions to the world and others!

Stone #2: azelite

Royal Azelite is known to boost the ego and help any Leo sign achieve their goals much faster.

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This Leo gemstone is known to radiate positive energy and protect you from any negative energy. It also helps if you are in a toxic relationship so you can get out of it quickly.

When you know someone isn’t good for you, and isn’t letting you grow as a person, this is a great stone to have to give you that little boost of love and positive vibes for you. step away from those relationships and focus on yourself!

Stone #3: citrine

Citrine is also considered the birthstone of Leo. It can help them stay focused and grounded when life gets too hectic.

It is one of the best healing crystals. It helps with emotional balance, purifies the body of all toxins, and strengthens your immune system.

Solar citrine is linked to the sacral chakra stone. It can help realign the different energy flows in your body and allow you to be more in tune with your decisions and emotions.

Stone #4: Tiger’s Eye

Another of the best crystals for a Leo individual is Tiger’s Eye. It helps give you the courage to get what you want in life.

This healing stone inspires you to pursue what you want and gives you the courage and confidence to achieve any goal.

Tiger’s eye is extremely rare due to its properties. It always attracts abundance and success in whatever task you undertake!

Stone #5: agate

Agate is considered a grounding stone due to its calming energy and protective strength. It is an excellent stone to have. It blocks negative feelings or thoughts that prevent you from showing your true Leo personality!

Stone #6: hematite

Hematite is great for Leos on a mental level as it helps keep them grounded. It boosts your confidence and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything that comes your way!

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It has a radiant energy that encourages you to showcase your artistic expression and follow your true passions in life.

Stone #7: carnelian

This is another ideal stone for Leos, especially when they feel indecisive or doubt themselves too much. It helps give them the boost they need to pursue what they want.

Carnelian is connected to the heart chakra, which is great for calming emotions or frustrations.

A Leo’s love carries strong energy. This stone is great for helping your love life and any relationship you establish with someone!

Stone #8: Moonstone

Moonstone is ideal for Leos who are expecting their first child. As well as those who may be struggling with fertility issues.

Moonstone is known to have radiant divine feminine energy and is ideal to use in these types of situations. For a Leo sign, this is the perfect stone to use to help balance your love and relationships.

Overall, it can help you stay calm and reconnect to your personal power to overcome any difficulties. Especially when you are expecting a child and entering the maternity ward.

Stone #9: Blood Stone

Bloodstone is one of the best stones for this zodiac sign. It gives them courage and the inner strength to eliminate the fears they have when pursuing what they want.

It helps get rid of negativity and brings more positivity, which Leos need! If you have to face a period of stress, this natural stone is ideal for cleaning and realigning your energies and having a clear mind!

Stone # 10: lapis lazuli

These stones for Leo are perfect for activating intuition and insight. Leo tends to have a hard time letting their guard down. This will help him open up more to the people around him rather than being secretive all the time.

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This gemstone is also used to balance emotions and tune into one’s psychic abilities. Being able to get in touch with your psychic abilities helps to strengthen your intuition and judgement!

Stone #11: pink tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline has a calming effect on any Leo who is feeling down or upset. It helps restore harmony and balance in their lives. This will allow them to be successful rather than feeling permanently exhausted.

These beautiful stones represent love and compassion, two character traits associated with this astrological sign. Not only does it attract love and compassion, but it can also help balance Leo’s emotions and heal any past heartache.

Stone #12: black onyx

Black onyx is considered one of the birthstones of the Leo sign because it is an earth element!

It is a favorite stone to use to get in touch with your passions and become master of your destinies! It is also used to protect you when you face an enemy or find yourself in a difficult situation at work.

Stone #13: Amethyst

Amethyst is another great stone for Leos because it helps slow the pace when life is going too fast and puts you back in touch with your spiritual side, which Leos need sometimes!

When life gets tough, we sometimes act and make decisions without thinking and think we can never recover.

But, on the other hand, we can always learn from our past mistakes and take that as a powerful sign to use this stone to help us reconnect with our inner selves!

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