Celebrities born under the sign of Leo

The Sun dances through the realms of the astrological sign of Leo from July 22 to August 22.

People born under this zodiac sign tend to be creative, romantic, expressive and dynamic.

Like the lion that symbolizes them, they possess a natural power and royalty that allow them to command the world around them. They are known for their bravery and leadership. They thrive in the limelight and are often ruled by their hearts and passions.

Here is our list of Leo celebrities who exhibit Leo qualities.

Daniel Radcliffe

Immortalized as the famous Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has hung up his wand and broom for other pursuits on the horizon. He has bright new plans and will continue to build on his legacy.

Jennifer Lopez

She was born on July 24. Jennifer Lopez and fellow countrywoman Ben Affleck are determined to build the family they’ve always wanted. She is one of the most popular artists of the modern era. She brings poise and magic to everything she does.

Sandra Bullock

She was born on July 26. Iconic actress Sandra Bullock chose to keep her star power on screen, rather than dive into social media.

Meghan Markle

She was born on August 4. Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, are a couple aligned with the cosmos. It has risen to the rank of power and is now seen on a global scale. The icon settled down with her family in Los Angeles, California.

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barack obama

He was born on August 4. The former president not only won two Grammy Awards, but he was also nominated for an Emmy for his Netflix documentary series. He has always been able to bring his charisma to everything he does. He is one of the most iconic and respected presidents of the United States of America.

Charlize Theron

She was born on August 7. The iconic, incredibly charming actress has entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She brings power, strength and beauty to everything she does.

Shawn Mendes

He was born on August 8. This talented musician has not finished talking about him.

Halle Berry

Iconic actress Halle Berry is always the talk of the town. For decades, this stage beast has been flying at the top of Hollywood.

Ben Affleck

He was born on August 15. Megastar Ben Affleck may have faced some tough cosmic weather in 2022, but bright days lie ahead. With a new marriage to Jennifer Lopez, he has a whole new chapter in his life ahead of him.


She was born on August 16. The birth chart of Madonna, one of the most famous artists of all time, shows why she became the Queen of Pop. She chose to build an empire and continued to see it grow over time. His ability to push boundaries is one of his greatest contributions.

Dua Lipa

As the voice that kept us dancing during the pandemic, Dua Lipa has new projects ahead of her. She’s shown that she’s not just a princess of pop, she has the ability to stay relevant and iconic. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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