New York: 4 types of activities to meet people

New York is one of the most popular cities in the United States, because of its warmth, its attractions, its mythical sites, its cultural events, its architectural heritage and its atypical landscape. It represents a dream destination, never short of surprises for its visitors. If the idea of ​​going there scares you because you don’t know anyone in this bustling city, don’t worry. There are many activities to meet people in New York to have great experiences.

Book fun activities to meet people in New York

New York is a top destination for activities fun and entertaining. These attract many people and thus facilitate meetings in this emblematic city. To enjoy it in the best conditions, it is usually necessary to make an online reservation. It is also recommended to do this before your departure for the Big Apple. This saves you valuable time once there. Moreover, the best things to do in New York are usually crowded, and it is often necessary toensure one’s place by booking online in advance. These include:

  • guided tours,
  • sightseeing tours,
  • excursions,
  • access to certain observation towers and museums,
  • helicopter tours,
  • cruises,
  • participation in certain events.

There really is all tastes and all budgets in order to satisfy all visitors to the Big Apple. The best way to enjoy many activities while making significant savings, however, is to take a pass. These allow access to several interesting offers at an advantageous price, by combining several activities. Among the most popular pass formulas, we distinguish:

  • the New York Explorer Pass,
  • the New York Pass,
  • the New York Sightseeing Pass,
  • the New York City Pass.
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These passes are as interesting as each other. The choice of these passes will therefore depend on the type of activities that interest you. To help you make the right choice, you can use a online pass comparison.

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New York tourism dating

Visit New York’s cultural hotspots to socialize

Visiting popular cultural places is one of the activities to be preferred if you want to dating in the big apple. And due, these places of interest represent attractions for tourists coming from the four corners of the world, and which will have the same passion as you. A simple greeting is enough to start a discussion with these people, who want the same thing as you: to discover New York and build new relationships.

For example, you can visit the reference museums of New Yorkto know :

  • The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH),
  • The Metropolitan Museum (MET),
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA),
  • The Intrepid Sea-Air and Space Museum,
  • The Guggenheim.

YOU you will inevitably meet enthusiasts on these emblematic sites, access to which is for the most part subject to the purchase of an entry ticket or an online reservation on specialized sites. You can also discover the Flatiron Building, Coney Island or even visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to admire New York in a different way in the company of other tourists. The Memorial of September 11, 200 or the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are also sites that have the affluence, and which allow you to live a great experience in the Big Apple.

If you are rather movie fan, opt for one of the tours dedicated to cinema and television series. These are guided tours allowing you to visit the filming locations of films and popular series such as Friends or Avengers. If you like team sports, watching a hockey or NBA game will not only allow you to have a good time, but also to chat with other fans. These activities give you the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion that you.

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Do unusual activities to meet exciting people in New York

New York offers many sensational and exciting activities to its visitors. Among them are helicopter flight. This one-of-a-kind walk lets you fly over the city and see the Big Apple from a different perspective. It’s the best way to take in all of New York’s atypical landscape from the heights, and in the company of people who love adventure. The routes offered are varied and allow you to fly over several emblematic sites, such as the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden or Central Park.

This helicopter experience is generally done in 15 minutes at a speed of around 200 km/h. She marks you for life, with the guarantee of having forged unforgettable memories to tell. Boat rides around Manhattan are also popular and allow you to see New York while meeting people. These activities promote social ties and exchanges, because they offer a relaxing environment that facilitates contact between participants from all walks of life.

Take a water taxi is also one of the interesting experiences to have in the Big Apple. The primary purpose of this water taxi is to help passengers cross the East River and Hudson River. However, tourists use it a lot to observe the Statue of Liberty up close, and enjoy a magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline. The latter is one of the most popular attractions in the city, and is one of the most famous panoramas in the world.

The Top of the Rock, Empire State Building and One World Trade Center are among the benchmark skyscrapers in the Big Apple. You will meet an impressive number of people there, of all origins. If you are passionate about music, take part in the musical festivals or concerts organized in the city. Broadway shows and musicals, for example, are world famous and continue to attract and seduce tourists. There’s something for everyone, and you’re sure to have a great time.

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Practice running and walking to meet people in New York

If you like to practice running, you will have no trouble meeting people in the Big Apple. Indeed, this sporting activity is popular in this city. Its popularity is such that the Nike brand organizes for free and several times a week running sessions in the streets of Manhattan. Athletes of all levels participate in a friendly atmosphere. These moments of sport therefore offer you the opportunity to discuss with people who are passionate about physical activities. Central Park is therefore the essential meeting point for many New York joggers.

The walks in emblematic neighborhoods also allow you to meet interesting people, because many people like to stroll there. Do not hesitate to take a tour of neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little Italy or Greenwich Village. You can also visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, take a walk around 5th Avenue, walk the High Line or the Brooklyn Bridge.

Times Square, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) museum, and Central Park are also popular places to visit to make new connections. To go further, you can attend a gospel mass in the Harlem neighborhood, preferably on a Sunday or Wednesday morning. You now know the best activities for meeting people in New York during your stay in this emblematic city.

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