The best nightclubs in Brest

Like all the old cities of Brittany, Brest has nightclubs even in the city center. No need to drive for miles on Saturday night to have fun with friends! For some years, nightclubs have been trying to stand out from each other. To do this, they highlight a particular musical style or concept! One of these nightclubs will then be the extension of your ideals and your personality. From now on, you will only go clubbing for the music!

The Spring Cube

Located at 7, rue de l’harteloire, this discotheque is certainly the most varied in the whole city in terms of music on offer. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday inclusive from midnight to 7:00 am. Admission is completely free. The facade of the place, of a bright red, announces the color: here, we like diversity and the discovery of new sounds. The Spring Cube works together with around thirty DJs from all walks of life. This offers an extraordinary cultural and musical diversity!
The particularity of the place? The DJs change almost every evening and bring their favorite music with them: Rhythm’n’blues, New Wave, Hip Hop, Metal, Funk, Punk, Electro, Ska, Soul, HardRock, Goth, Indie, Reggae, Rock, Pop or even Post Punk! Do you like changes while maintaining a pleasant and warm setting? This club is made for you!

The Factory Nightclub

This nightclub is located at 14, rue Kéréon. It opened its doors in December 2017, so it is still a little-known nightclub, but which is gradually becoming a must in Brest nights. It is open every day except Sunday: from midnight to 7 a.m. Monday to Thursday and from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. for Friday and Saturday.
The particularity of the place? The establishment wants to highlight art in general. Works by local artists are therefore permanently displayed on the walls. Before the opening of the box or at the beginning of the evening, there are openings and visits to exhibitions! The musical theme of the establishment is turned towards Pop/Rock, as evidenced by the posters plastered up with Nirvana or Guns’N’Roses right at the entrance!

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The Stendhal

Located at 18 rue Colbert, in the city center of Brest, this discotheque is open from Wednesday to Saturday evening from 00:00 to 5:30 in the morning.
The particularity of the place? It has two separate rooms with their own atmosphere: in the downstairs room, you will find electro, techno, hip/hop music, all the music and current hits in short. In the upper room, on the other hand, you will find music ranging from the 80s/90s to the hits of the 2000s! This is certainly the nightclub where all ages are represented. It’s up to you to choose your musical preferences and atmosphere!

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The Newts

Located at 7, rue Saint-Martin, it opens its doors from Thursday to Saturday evening and every day before public holidays such as July 13 or December 31 from 00:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Ideal for having a good time during major events!
The particularity of the place? It is the music of the islands that is in the spotlight! Lovers of zouk, Tahitian music or Hiphop, you will feel at home! This nightclub is reputed to have the friendliest staff in town. Small in size, it allows you not to suffocate under the pressure of numbers and to easily get to know the people around you. The cocktails, also very varied, are also honored within the establishment! All in a Caribbean atmosphere!

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