How to make a travel diary?

Trend, the travel diary is halfway between the diary and the logbook. Those who return from their stay often want to make one to share their memories with family or friends. But how to go about making the object hold up? Whether you are returning from a road trip to the other side of the world or from a romantic getaway on a paradise island, discover all the ways to make your travel diary unique! Choice of notebook, tips for writing anecdotes, layout… We reveal all our advice on how to make a travel diary.

How to choose your travel diary?

First, before making a travel diary, you have to select the medium. It is essential to choose a pretty notebook (leather, wooden, etc.) and of good quality since it is an object that you will keep. But more than aesthetics, it must inspire you.

On the practical side, select a travel diary model that is not too thick. Depending on the holiday anecdotes you have to tell, opt for a notebook with few or many pages. But try as much as possible not to leave too many blank pages.

On the other hand, there are notebooks where you can customize the cover. If you don’t have time for that or if you lack a creative spirit, opt for a ready-made travel diary, in the theme. And on the cover, just add your name and the date of your adventure.

In any case, do not neglect the choice of your travel diary. Don’t take a simple notebook, for example. To make your travel diary rigorously, it is important that the medium makes you want to write in it.

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When to make your travel diary and what to tell?

If you’re new to travel journaling, these are completely legitimate questions. The first thing to do before taking the car, bus or plane is to put your travel diary in your suitcase. And during your excursions and sightseeing, don’t forget to slip it into your backpack or other small luggage.

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You will understand, to make a success of your travel diary and not forget any amazing anecdote, you must always have it with you to write down what you see and experience. As soon as you have something to write, take out your notebook. And if you are afraid of erasing, take notes on separate sheets instead. Once in your hotel room or during a break, quietly fill in your travel diary using the notes taken during the day.

Among the anecdotes to tell, don’t forget to talk about the people you meet. You can transcribe dialogues or simply write down some information about these people.

As for the layout and the photos, you will take care of them when you return from vacation. At home, you will then have plenty of time to print out the best photos and think about how you can incorporate them into your holiday story.

How to make an original travel diary? Layout

As an amateur or experienced traveler, you want to have a unique travel diary, and that is quite normal. For this, you must take care of your stories as well as your layout. There are several solutions to make your travel diary original.

Vary the layout

To avoid getting bored leafing through your travel diary, consider varying the layouts. On one page, arrange a large photo with a relatively short text, then on the next page, tell a longer anecdote by illustrating it with a small image.

advice : before sticking your photos, maps and other illustrations on your travel diary, test the layout to avoid any mistakes.

Sticking maps in case of road trip

If you have taken a road trip, it may be interesting to consider your notebook as a real logbook, following the chronological order of your adventure. To do this, follow the days or hours in case of a big event.

Always indicate the route before telling your day by detailing the time it took you and the distance of the journey. Then rely on a road map. You can easily print it from Google Maps. Highlight your starting point and your ending point.

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Use icons

Sometimes, to make it easier and faster, you can use icons. Provided you always use the same codes over the pages, this will make reading your logbook more enjoyable.

For example, rate sightseeing tours, restaurants, or hotels using stars. Similarly, to indicate a price range, use the euro symbol (€). And to indicate a particularly sunny day, simply draw a bright sun.

Place inspirational phrases and keywords

A travel diary should remain light in terms of writing. It is therefore important to slip in small sentences that hold the attention. You can opt for quotes that lend themselves well to situations, inspirational phrases heard during your stay, or hashtag keywords, such as on social networks. On their own, they can sum up an outing or a state of mind.

To design

To make a nice travel diary, you have to avoid taking the lead. Even if you don’t have a Fine Arts degree, you can draw a small character, a building or the local food in your logbook. This will help make the whole thing joyful, like the holidays you have just had.

put colors

Even if it seems obvious, it is good to remember that making a travel diary remains a pleasure. In this sense, it is necessary to put joy into its manufacture. Don’t forget to bring the maximum cheerfulness to your holiday diary.

However, the travel diary must remain legible. Write your text in black and circle certain important words in color, for example. You can also create entire pages in one and the same color to make your support harmonious. On a double page, for example, opt for blue.

advice : if it’s the first time you’ve made a travel diary, it may be a good idea to consult scrapbooking sites for inspiration. Look at what others are doing (without copying of course) for inspiration.

Paste holiday memories

Finally, if you want to put some physical souvenirs (stamp, sand, train ticket, etc.) in your logbook, that is still entirely possible. However, make sure that these memories brought back from your stay do not take up too much space. Your notebook must be able to close easily.

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advice : If you have several photos that are important to you but run out of space in your logbook, stick an envelope in your journal. And slip inside your shots. This remains an effective solution to immortalize your memories.

Make a success of your travel diary: our advices

Daily note taking

The most important advice we can give you from experience is to write daily on the road. Ideally, you write down your travel experiences every day. The “fresher” the better. The ideal time to write is in the evening. You can then process and record what you experienced during the day. A few days later, you have often forgotten the memory of certain details and/or certain names. Memories often fade far too quickly.

If you write by hand, make sure you can still decipher your own handwriting when you get home.

Learn from models that work

It’s your first time keeping a travel diary and you have no inspiration for organizing it well. It is best to consult an example of a travel diary. You will find all the information you need to hold yours well and it will certainly give you other ideas to personalize it.

Use icons

Using an icon can say a lot more than long sentences. You liked a restaurant, an excursion or a hotel, why not simply put 5 stars next to its name. The same if you think that a restaurant was too expensive, you just have to put several € symbols. This will always allow you to immediately remember this when you consult your travel diary in several months and you will also save time in your note taking.

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