The pleasure of reading while traveling: e-reader or pocket book?

When you travel and you also love the pleasure of taking the time to read again, you have the right to ask yourself if you should continue to read your good old paperback or discover, on vacation or on a trip, this side convenience of reading on an e-reader. But be careful, depending on the case, the reader can also cause some problems.

One does not prevent the other, but however, in the context of a trip precisely, we can say that the electronic reader avoids charging and therefore weighing down the luggage. The reader even has many advantages, not too bulky, many books within easy reach, integrated lighting… but in its own way, the pocket book also has its advantages… So let’s take stock of everything that…

Advantages and disadvantages between paperback and e-reader while traveling

paper books or e-readers?

Of course, for all self-respecting readers, the paper book is above all an object of passion.
But in recent years the digital book has somewhat upset the codes.

The paper book retains its advantages: the to touch, the smell, aesthetics… The ebook meanwhile, does not offer its very specific criteria but the advantages of the digital book are mainly from a practical point of view, essential for what interests us here, the trip.

Going on a trip involves packing the books you want to read. This will weigh down your luggage and will restrict the space for what you want to take, all the more so in the face of the luggage weight limitation according to the airlines.

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Thus one can like to read on paper book but also like the practical side of the electronic reader, one does not prevent the other. For reasons of weight, size, when travelling, the e-reader is much more practical.

In addition, to read by the pool or at the beach, no more problem since the reading lights for some are waterproof. No reason to fear a few splashes on a much more fragile paper book.

Conversely, the paper book, does not require a charger to charge a battery. An insufficiently charged reader can therefore deprive you of reading. But be aware that, unlike tablets and smartphones, the autonomy of e-readers is several days.

Depending on your destination, it may be wise to bring two, one or two paperbacks and your e-reader, not to mention the battery charger.

If you go as a couple, with the electronic reading light you can read at night and even in the dark, thanks to its integrated lighting. With an electronic reader you do not disturb your neighbor in bed, which is not the case with reading a paper book… Note all the same that if the reader allows you to read in the dark, it does not encourage sleep. If you are not the reasonable type in the face of your passion for reading, it is better to read a paperback which, at some point, will force you to turn off the light…

The digital book from a price point of view costs a little less than the paper book, the ecological aspect of the reader does not leave indifferent either, we will see it a little later…

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In short, when traveling and for all the reasons we have just mentioned, in the majority of cases, we quickly realize that the e-reader has more advantages. It is true that with the reader all your books fit in one hand, so you are never out of reading.

The ecological aspects in favor of the e-reader

ecological aspect of the reading light

At a time when it is imperative to ask the right questions about the environment and to preserve our planet, the ecological aspect that e-readers highlight does not leave people who care about all this indifferent…

For a paper book: the paper, the inks, the products used, the trees of course, all of this is not in favor of ecology.

The e-reader therefore limits all of this, even if it itself uses polluting products, as is the case with all electronic objects.

Lithium is contained in the battery, the carbon footprint is increasingly limited, and the impacts are therefore less significant from an environmental point of view.

But beware, all these arguments are only valid if you are really an avid reader. An occasional reader will not be able to hold the same speech, in fact and according to studies carried out on this subject: for an e-reader to be ecologically profitable, the reader must read at least 22 books per year.

From this figure and above, we can say that you are a reader who will not affect the environment.

In conclusion, arguments for or against, paperback, paper book or e-reader when traveling, the ideal solution is to provide both, but try to be reasonable as to the number of paperbacks that you will add in your luggage. For the e-reader, don’t forget your charger… In any case, and in advance, very good reading during your trip!

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