What are the best beaches in Cuba?

When we think of Cuba, we think of Havana, the mythical capital of this Caribbean island. We also think of the historical aspect of the country, its culture, its music and the cars that seem to come straight out of a time machine.
But in Cuba, there are also sumptuous beaches. Here are the ones we particularly recommend.

Varadero, the most famous of all

Varadero is arguably the best known of all Cuban resorts. This notoriety is certainly due to tourism, which is widely developed there. Therefore, on site, you will have no difficulty in finding accommodation. If it is one of the largest beaches in Cuba (Varadero extends over 20 kilometers), on the other hand, it is not the most authentic beach. Nevertheless, Varadero is the ideal place for the idleness.

Playa Sirena and Playa Paraiso, the little utopias

Located on the Cayo Largo del Sursouth of the main island of Cuba, Playa Sirena is exclusively reserved for tourists. You will therefore be almost alone there, like on a desert island. This 2 kilometer long beach looks exactly like the photos you can see in travel magazines: fine white sand, palm trees, a calm sea. Some say that Playa Sirena is the most beautiful beach in all of Cuba.
Not far from Playa Sirena, still on Cayo Largo del Sur, you will find Playa Paraíso. Like Playa Sirena, Playa Paraiso is akin to a magazine photo. On this small beach, you will also be almost alone. You will find very fine sand, a turquoise blue and translucent sea.

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Playa Pilar, Paradise on Earth

Playa Pilar is also a dream beach. It is located northwest of the Cayo Guillermo, away from hotel establishments and crowds. With its dunes, its wild paths, its calm, shallow waters at an ideal temperature for swimming, Playa Pilar is the perfect place to relax!

Cayo Jutias, family beach

Located in the northwest of Cuba, we reach the Cayo Jutias by the road. On this Cayo, the authenticity has been preserved. In addition, Cayo Jutias is one of the most suitable places if you come with your family. You can shelter from the sun, you can also have a drink. Finally, for diving enthusiasts, Cayo Jutias has the necessary infrastructure for this activity.

Cayo Santa Maria, the little Varadero

the Cayo Santa María is north of Cuba and east of Varadero. On this Cayo, there are many hotel complexes and several seaside resorts. Hence its resemblance to Varadero. However, the beaches there are much prettier.

Playa Bibijagua, the savage

Playa Bibijagua is located in the south of Cuba, on the Island of Juventud. Playa Bibijagua is one of a kind. On this beach, the sand is black. Furthermore, Playa Bibijagua has managed to retain its wild character. Here, you can therefore observe nature in all its splendour.

Playa Ancon, divers’ beach

Playa Ancon is in the south of Cuba. This beach is not very far from the city of Trinidad and in the heart of Casilda Bay. Playa Ancón has the advantage of being surrounded by a coral reef. It is therefore one of the suitable spots for diving.

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