Coming to Brest by car

The city of Brest is very accessible, with 28 international connections, 11 daily flights to Paris, 8 TGVs from Brest to Paris per day and toll-free motorways. We could compare this city to a regional metropolis and it fully deserves this title. To get there by car, nothing could be simpler.

Where is Brest located?

Brest is located in the department of Finistère in Brittany. It shelters a military port, second after that of Toulon. Its inhabitants numbering 134,000 and its metropolis, extending to 210,000 inhabitants, allow the city of Brest to be the 25th busiest municipality in France and the first city in western Brittany.

Choose Brest as a destination in France

In Brittany, legislation allows the implementation of toll-free motorways. Once past the « border », the highway is totally free. If you leave from Paris, you will need 5 hours by going through the tolls and 7 hours by choosing to avoid each toll. You will also have fewer kilometers to travel. The highways stop at Caen, Rennes or Nantes depending on your departure city. You must then take a departmental road which will take you directly to Brest. Located on the tip of Brittany, it attracts many drivers every year.

The RN12 and the RN165 are two free motorways in Brittany which lead to Brest. Once there, it is very easy to find places to park in the many car parks, and to get around by tram, bus or cable car so as not to spend too much gas.

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At 296 kilometers from Nantes, it is very accessible for the whole of France. Once there, it is possible to be in other Breton towns in no time.

Brest is more than 1000 km from Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg: if these cities are part of your trip, prepare two days of travel and a place to rest at night.

Use the new means of transport to get to Brest

Many online applications allow you to find alternatives for getting to Brest. Blablacar is a tool that allows you to find drivers or passengers to share the trip budget. With two birds with one stone, you have the possibility, in both cases, of sharing the costs and participating in respecting the environment. In summer, more than 750 journeys are available to Brest throughout France. Many routes remain close to Brittany, and prices do not exceed twenty euros within the territory.

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Once there, how to use your car in the city?

If you want to discover the territory independently and you prefer to make your itinerary, Brittany is ideal and inexpensive in terms of road. Many private car parks are available and inexpensive if you stay in town for a few hours. Remember to plan your parking in advance if you stay a few days or more, so as not to be surprised on the spot. If you have an electric car, parking to recharge your car is available in the city of Brest.

From now on, you know everything to get to Brest by car. Find out about accommodation and the different opportunities available to you to make the most of the sea and the surroundings of Brittany. Alone or in a group, Brest is a city of inspiration with many restaurants and shops that are typically Breton. Its small streets attract many tourists every year. Living there is also very pleasant even in winter!

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