Paris – Marseille: the best solutions

Want to discover the Marseille region? Are you wondering how to get around and what are the best solutions for traveling between Paris and Marseille? Here are the different possible options for your trip: bus, train and carpooling. Whether you are a tourist or a travel regular, you will certainly find the solution that suits you the most.

The economical solution: Paris – Marseille by bus

To get to Marseille from Paris, the most economical solution for you is the bus. On the SNCF France website, a Paris – Marseille trip by bus costs an average of 36 euros, while a Marseille – Paris trip costs an average of 42 euros. Other means of transport between the two cities are not as affordable as this option.

In addition, to ensure your trip by bus, there are many companies that serve the two cities. Some of the best operators include Ouibus, Flixbus, BlaBlaCar Bus and Eurolines. The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, equipped with Wi-Fi and they allow you to travel inexpensively over long distances. To make it simpler, well before you get there, you can already book your trips using a comparator that will allow you to compare and combine your destinations for cheap tickets.

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Paris - Marseille means of transport

The quick fix: choose to take the train

If you are in a hurry to reach Marseille or do not want to travel for several hours, the train is the ideal solution. A train journey from Paris to Marseille costs an average of 50 euros, while a journey from Marseille to Paris costs an average of 54 euros. This solution is also comfortable and allows you totake the main lines of the SNCF.

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The OUIGO High Speed, TGV Inoui and TGV and TER companies all offer a direct Paris – Marseille journey. If you want an early morning trip, the earliest departure is at 7:32, but if you’re more interested in overnight or late afternoon trips, choose the very latest departure. You will enjoy traveling through a TGV. These make it possible to reach the two cities in just two hours, i.e. half the time of a bus.

Combine conviviality and savings with carpooling

Carpooling is now widely practiced in France. Another way to travel cheaper, more user-friendly and eco-responsible. It allows to share travel costs between Paris and Marseille and easily find connections. There are several carpooling sites in France to get an idea of ​​the prices charged and perhaps save money on the Paris-Marseille journey.

Some platforms will allow you, for example, to share the cost of a train ticket. Other sites provide users with a geolocation system that saves transport costs. With this, you can, for example, offer a direct route or pick up a passenger if you are driving. If you are already registered on such platforms, then you will be able to savings on the Marseille-Paris route by offering other people a direct route.

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