Living in Lisbon: advantages, disadvantages and procedures

Want to go live abroad? What if you chose the capital of Portugal as your destination? Lisbon is a city of 500,000 inhabitants who have many facets. Living in Lisbon has many advantages, find out which ones. We also tell you everything about the disadvantages. What is the cost of living in the Portuguese capital? What steps must be taken to settle in Lisbon? Going to a foreign city cannot be improvised. Prepare your expatriation in the best conditions by following the guide.

Living in Lisbon, benefits


Portugal is first of all a very mild weather. It is a very sunny country where life is good. From March to October, the weather is generally very nice and very hot. In winter, the thermometer does not drop below 5°C.

The walks

Beyond the good weather, Lisbon is a very beautiful city with many alleys where it is good to walk. The capital also has an art of living. There are plenty of terraces and viewpoints to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Cultural life and leisure

It is a dynamic and culturally rich city. This European capital has an interesting program. Festivals, concerts… Impossible to get bored in Lisbon, there is always something to see or do. Around the city, it is quite possible to go sightseeing. Several cities classified as World Heritage by UNESCO are located around the capital. There are also many beaches for swimming or surfing.

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The cost of living

The cost of living is low there. Everyday consumer products as well as restaurant dishes are very accessible. Count around 10 euros for a hearty meal in a neighborhood restaurant.

On the other hand, the cost of real estate is rising.


Lisbon gastronomy is very attractive. Discover the pastéis, a kind of flan as well as many pastries. In general, Portuguese cuisine uses a lot of fish and seafood.

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Living in Lisbon, the inconvenients

The noise

Some places in Lisbon are notorious for being noisy due to the metro and tram. On the other hand, some areas are very lively in the evening. Avoid if you want to sleep peacefully!


To get treatment in the European capital, you have to be patient. Lisbon suffers from a lack of general practitioners and specialists. For some appointments, you have to wait several months.


Lisbon favors pedestrianization. The very narrow streets are often reserved for pedestrians only.

Traffic is made difficult with the passage of the tramway. To get around, you will have to favor walking or taking a taxi. Indeed, it is very complicated to do your shopping by car. Parking spaces are scarce. Nevertheless, public transport is clean and efficient in the Portuguese capital. Use them without fear.

A certain slowness

It is important to know that the Lisbon people cultivate an art of living. The administrative system, among other things, suffers from a certain lack of responsiveness. The European capital is not recommended for people in a hurry!

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Work in Lisbon, job and internship

Do you want to try your luck in the European capital? To get a job, fluency in Portuguese is required. However, tourism as well as sales recruit varied profiles.

The IT sector is the one that seeks the most new candidates. Programmers or information systems specialists should find a job quickly in the Portuguese city.

Internships are easy to find. Lisbon is one of the most attractive student cities.

The steps to take to live in Lisbon

As soon as you arrive in Lisbon, go to Finances (Finanças) to obtain your Tax Identification Number. As a European, you will need to provide your identity card or passport as well as proof of residence from your country of origin. Namely, you will not be asked for an employment contract.

The number issued will be useful for you to carry out all the other procedures, in particular to find accommodation and open a bank account.

Lisbon has everything to please and is as attractive for students as it is for active or retired people. However, before settling in the capital, it is important to prepare your departure well and to take into account the many particularities of this country.

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