Your next vacation destination: Canada!

If the world is vast, there are destinations that are safe values ​​and are among the unmissable! This is the case for Canada which offers endless possibilities in terms of visits and activities. We offer you an overview of what awaits you in the Great White North!

The many faces of Canada

How not to succumb to the sublime Canadian landscapes, with their striking contrasts? From its vast expanses to its majestic lakes, including its historic or modern cities, Canada has many facets capable of seducing all of us.

You will not have enough of a single trip to discover the richness of this multicultural country. Focus on a specific region in order to savor all its beauty: New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta… Go where your heart takes you!

If your choice is the province of Quebec, nicknamed the « Belle Province », a rich program awaits you! This French-speaking region has a strong cultural identity, starting with Quebec City. Take the time to stroll through the charming district of Petit Champlain, the old town of Quebec, and especially to admire its famous Château Frontenac. You can also visit many museums, as well as the Citadel, and enjoy a superb view of the St. Lawrence. After a few days in Quebec, discover its surroundings. You can go to the 83-meter-high Chute-Montmorency, or to Île d’Orléans.

Depending on the season in which you go to Quebec, you will also be able to practice many activities: whale watching in Tadoussac at the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence, canoeing, rafting, dog sledding … You can find a lot of advice on specialized sites about Canada like Canada Trip. Nature is in the spotlight and you will be able to fully enjoy it through activities rich in emotion!

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Your stay in Quebec will also be an opportunity for you to discover Canadian gastronomy! Crisse ears, poutine, maple ham… Dishes that warm the heart! You can also learn about the local cuisine by going to a sugar shack where you will also be explained in detail everything you need to know about maple, a pure treat!

The terms of your stay in Canada

Going to visit Canada requires a minimum of organization in order to make the most of your stay. Start by comparing flights in order to travel inexpensively, the budget of the plane ticket is indeed one of the most important. You can use flight comparators, which allow you to quickly view the different prices offered.

Regarding accommodation, Canada offers different solutions that will allow you to choose according to your budget. We find the traditional hotel industry, with its star rating system, but also more original accommodations. Do not miss the opportunity to be able to spend one night, or more, in an outfitter.

These are traditional chalets, often on the edge of a lake, which offers its customers activities related to nature. You also have the possibility of sleeping with locals, it is indeed a formula very developed and appreciated in Canada. You can thus exchange with locals, known for their welcome and their kindness, and who share with you their habits, their culture.

Once there, you have the choice between several modes of transport to make your trip. The train is not the most practical solution, they are rather slow, just like the buses whose network does not cover the whole territory. The easiest solution is still to rent a car, especially since the highways are excellent.

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You just have to take a few peculiarities, especially at the traffic lights which are located on the other side of the intersection! Likewise, if you see a school bus pull up and turn on its turn signals, stop! Indeed, all the cars (behind the bus and in the opposite direction) must then stop. This is one of the biggest violations of the Canadian highway code, so be careful!

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