How to terminate my bank account?

If you want to leave your current bank, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will learn all about the terms of terminating a banking contract. Take advantage of the expert advice of, specializing in financial matters.

What is a banking contract?

As indicated by his name, a contract is an official and contractual document which summarizes the services and conditions within the framework of a relationship between a customer and his bank. According to the Larousse, a contract is a “Convention, agreement of wills with the aim of creating an obligation of one or more people towards one or more others. (Four conditions are necessary for the validity of the contract: the consent of the parties, the capacity to contract, a certain object, a lawful cause.) « 

As with many contracts, the termination procedure is supervised and requires formal termination.

Why leave his bank?

There are many reasons why a person leaves their bank. One of the first is the cost of maintaining the account. MoneyBanker informs you that many banks do not charge for this service (this is often the case for online banks). To find the best free online bank, trust the advice of the experts at

You may also want to change bank because you are not satisfied with customer care, the rates for current operations, the investment policy of the head office, the speed of response from support, etc. You may also have decided to change your life when leaving the country, without wishing to keep roots in France.

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How to terminate your contract?

To terminate your banking contract, it is not necessarily necessary to go through a letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If you have a dedicated advisor and / or responsive customer support, you can direct your request to them and save the fee for acknowledgment.

In order to be able to close your accounts, you must send either by email as an attachment or directly by post, a letter mentioning the closure of your accounts, their numbers, the associated services then a copy of your identity document on both sides. and the bank identity statement to which you want your funds transferred (in the event that your account is in credit).

Content of the termination letter

MoneyBanker recommends that you add the following to your termination letter:

  • Your contact details including the account number to close
  • [si le compte est créditeur] : « Thank you in advance for transferring the balance of my account to my new account. I enclose you the RIB. « 
  • [si le compte est débiteur] : “Since my account is currently in debit, I am enclosing this check for a value of x €. « 
  • Courtesy and request for acknowledgment of receipt

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