Crédit Agricole Center Est: the complete guide

Crédit Agricole Center Est is one of the CA funds present in the area. Discover the particularities of this establishment in terms of offers and banking services. We tell you everything about bank cards, savings products, online banking, insurance… And also discover the rates charged by Crédit Agricole Center Est. Focus on this regional financial organization!

Crédit Agricole Center East: who is he ?

In France, there are more than 2,400 local Crédit Agricole branches. And all of these regional funds hold the majority of the capital of the 53 regional funds. Note that Crédit Agricole also has 30,000 directors and 10 million members.

In addition, it is a traditional banking establishment intended for individuals, but also for businesses, farmers and local authorities. Present at the regional level, the bank is part of the daily life of the French people. Especially since it offers a complete offer in terms of savings, investments, life insurance, loans, means of payment and damage insurance. Indeed, sales are positioned on all local markets.

Crédit Agricole Center Est is one of the regional banks. It covers several departments: Ain, Rhône, Saône-et-Loire, as well as the north of the departments of Ardèche, Drôme and Isère. The bank is trusted by more than 1.2 million customers, including 468,500 members. CA Center Est also has 3,000 employees and 1,500 elected officials.

Opening an account : how to do ?

At CA Center Est, you have the option of becoming a client of a remote agency or an agency near your home.

Become a client of a remote agency

If you want to carry out all your banking transactions remotely, a Banque Directe adviser is at your disposal. The professional will help you choose the services and means of payment best suited to your situation.

To open your account, you must complete the secure online form, available on the Banque Directe website:

Be a client of an agency near you

Do you want to go to a branch to carry out banking transactions? To open an account in an establishment near your home, make an appointment with an advisor by email or telephone. First, you must complete the online form:

An advisor will then make an appointment with you to open your account. Know that you also have the possibility of moving to an agency. An online tool allows you to find the agency closest to your place of residence:

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Services offered by Crédit Agricole Center Est

Account to Compose

This CA Center Est banking offer consists of a base and additional services, to be selected according to your profile. You can thus:

  • control your overdraft;
  • follow the evolution of your bank accounts in real time;
  • make purchases remotely, and in particular on the Internet;
  • secure your insurance budget. If you encounter financial problems, the CA will reimburse your contributions.

The EKO by CA offer

The EKO by CA offer includes:

  • a Mastercard card to pay and withdraw money in France and around the world. This is an international CB;
  • cash withdrawals from all Crédit Agricole cash dispensers;
  • a flat rate of 25 withdrawals per year in other ATMs in France and in the EU;
  • a balance control card so you don’t end up overdrawn;
  • contactless payment to quickly pay for purchases at merchants;
  • insurance and assistance guarantees included;
  • the My bank application to follow your bank accounts on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to the app, you can also make an appointment directly with your adviser by consulting his agenda;
  • SMS notifications to notify you if the balance is less than €20. This avoids bank accidents (agios).

Bank cards

Like all traditional banks, Crédit Agricole Center Est provides its private customers with a wide choice of bank cards. These means of payment also include insurance and assistance services. And they also offer advantages and privileges to make everyday life easier.

Among the bank cards available at CA Center Est, there are:

  • the Visa Infinite with deferred debit (€299/year);
  • the Visa Premier with immediate or deferred debit (€129.90/year);
  • the Visa Classic with immediate debit (€39.90/year);
  • the World Elite (or Platinium) MasterCard with deferred debit (€299/year);
  • the MasterCard with immediate debit (€39.90/year);
  • the MasterCard with systematic authorization (or Maestro) (€32.16/year)…

To know : CA Center Est offers the second bank card on a joint account with a 50% reduction.


Like the other Crédit Agricoles, that of the Center Est offers its customers the following savings products:

  • A booklet ;
  • sustainable and solidarity development booklet;
  • Young Mozaic booklet;
  • life insurance ;
  • THE P ;
  • PEL, CEL and other housing savings;
  • stock exchange: securities account and PEA.

Other services

Insurance products

Among the insurances available at CA Center Est, there are:

  • home insurance;
  • car and two-wheeler insurance;
  • personal insurance to protect and cover your loved ones and yourself;
  • borrower insurance to protect your loan;
  • leisure and daily life coverage (mobiles, life accidents, etc.).

Mortgage and consumer credit

CA Center Est offers loans: consumer credit and home loans. Individuals can therefore finance personal projects such as the purchase of a house or an apartment, the carrying out of work, the financing of a new vehicle or a driving licence, etc.

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Rates for CA Center Est

CA Center Est ranks 26th in the ranking of the 127 least expensive banks in France. Maintaining a standard account costs only 12.60 euros per year, which represents 1.05€/month. On the other hand, maintaining an inactive account is more expensive (30 euros per year).

Insurance for loss or theft of means of payment costs 24 euros per year. Internet subscription is a free service. And the SMS alert service is invoiced in the form of a flat rate of 2.20 euros per month allowing the reception of 2 weekly notifications.

Note: on the bank’s website, you can freely consult all the pricing applied to 1er January 2019:

How to access your online account?

The process of accessing your online bank accounts is very simple. Just click on the « My space » button on the home page (at the top, right of the window).

Then enter your 11-digit ID using your computer keyboard. Then, type your confidential code using the numeric keypad.

What alternative to Crédit Agricole insurance products?

As you have just read, it is possible to take out several insurance offers with Crédit Agricole. Whether it is for car insurance, home insurance or even borrower insurance in the event of a mortgage, we will always advise you to compare several offers from several insurance companies. This will allow you to check that the rates charged by Crédit Agricole are adapted to your needs and the competition. It is also very useful for comparing guarantees, options and deductibles in the event of a claim. It is also important to compare the assistance service, so that you do not have the stress of having difficulty reaching them if necessary, and that the intervention is fast.

Online Insurance or Agency?

To answer this question, you need to know exactly what you are talking about. In the case of an agency, this may be an insurance company or a bank, such as Crédit Agricole, offering insurance services. The agency will have premises installed in major cities. Conversely, online insurance will work exclusively on the internet. Of course, both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you decide to take out insurance in an agency or a bank, you will have the right to local service. If you prefer to deal with an advisor you know and be able to meet with them when needed, this is certainly the solution for you. On the other hand, it requires having the means to travel, both in terms of distance and your schedule.

In the case of online insurance, as for car insurance with, everything will be done on the internet. If you do not necessarily have a single advisor, you will benefit from serious advantages that deserve your attention:

  • You will not have to travel to subscribe and obtain the information. It is undeniably a time saver.
  • You can easily check the criteria of your insurance contract. For example, for car insurance per kilometer, you can check where you are in your odometer.
  • The rates charged are often less expensive than in an agency, because operating costs are reduced.
  • You will be able to do all your procedures online in the event of a claim. In the case of a report in the event of an accident with your car, you can therefore send photos of the vehicles directly, without having to draw rectangles and arrows on a paper report. So it will be more realistic. Thereafter, you can easily follow the progress of your file.
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What criteria should be used to choose your insurance?

Now that you know that you can search for web insurance to compare with Crédit Agricole offers, you still have to know on what points you should compare them.

First, you need to compare similar offers. It is impossible to have a fair idea if you choose third-party car insurance with Crédit Agricole and all-risk car insurance with Allianz. It is only under these conditions that you will be able to start comparing the price, the guarantees, the options available and the amount of the deductibles.

If we stay on our example of car insurance, check the amounts of compensation. In the case of the driver’s guarantee, the compensation can vary from 300,000 euros to 1 million depending on the companies. As far as assistance in the event of a breakdown is concerned, certain insurance companies will only call in a repairman if your vehicle is at a certain distance from your home, while others will offer you zero kilometer assistance. It is the same with the vehicle loan. In some cases, you will have to wait for the passage of an expert on your own vehicle, to obtain the loan vehicle. Also, the duration of the loan can vary from one week to 30 days. You must therefore compare service by service, then note the guarantees and options that you can benefit from in addition.

It will be exactly the same for franchises. The most telling example is certainly glass breaking. On average, the deductible will vary between zero euros and a hundred euros. Also remember to find out about the deductibles, in the event of lending your vehicle to a person not registered in the contract.

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