What to do when his credit card is not accepted?

The credit card is now one of the most common payment methods. It is easier to carry than cash and allows easier management of your finances through an associated bank account. But now, it can happen that the credit card is not accepted when you are about to make a payment with a merchant or a sign. After the gene generated by the refusal, the panic reaches us quickly. What to do ? How to solve this problem which is likely to get bogged down? Do not panic, F3NWS.fr provides you in this article with the best way to manage the refusal of your credit card during a payment.

Credit Card Not Accepted Notice

Understand the reasons for refusal

Before calling your banker to explain the reasons for the refusal of your credit card, remember to check for any errors during the presentation procedure. Indeed, it is possible that you have entered an incorrect secret code. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite common to see credit card owners simply forget the associated PIN. This is why some banks offer a quick release of this type of payment card in case of forgetting the secret code. However, this service is not offered by all banks. Consult our dedicated article to choose the bank that will best meet your expectations.

It is also possible that your credit card is damaged. Indeed, this type of payment method remains vulnerable as you can see here. The magnetic stripe or chip may be scratched or broken, rendering the credit card defective. You would therefore not be able to use it to settle your payments.

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Also check that your credit card has not expired. The blue card is offered with a validity period. At the end of this period of validity, it will no longer be usable even if your account has sufficient funds for a payment.

In these three cases, be aware that you could not use the credit card immediately, it must be unlocked or replaced. You should then use a check to pay your purchases and bills as soon as possible. In this article, we give you advice on how to properly fill out your check.

Go to your bank to request a new card if it cannot be unlocked. An administrative procedure is necessary to obtain a new card. This varies from bank to bank. In the majority of cases, replacing your credit card will not require additional costs.

Credit Card Not Accepted Tips

Your account is overdrawn

If your credit card is refused even though it is valid, not damaged and you have entered the correct secret code, this means that your balance is insufficient. You therefore do not have sufficient funds to pay the amount requested by the payment. Your account may even be overdrawn. Some banks allow a bank overdraft. If this is the case, the refusal can be likened to an overrun of the authorized bank overdraft. The bank will be responsible for settling the related transactions. However, you should ensure that you fund your account on time.

Credit cards are also subject to withdrawal limits. If you reached the limits, you wouldn’t be able to use the card for a while. However, this does not mean that your account is not funded. In this case, you will have to go to an agency to withdraw cash to make your purchases.

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