Renovating your home: 5 tips for a successful renovation

The accommodation you have just acquired needs to be refreshed or redesigned. Or you want to give your apartment a new look. Either way, you’re considering renovations, but aren’t sure where to start. These few tips can help you organize yourself better.

Clearly define your project

This is the first thing to do before proceeding with the work. Take the time to think about what you want to do. Try to get an overview of the work to be done. Is it simply a question of changing the decoration or do you plan to modify the layout of the accommodation itself?

The work to be considered will not be the same if you plan to redo the wallpaper or knock down the partitions. To know where you are going, it is best to take a tour of the planned changes.

Do not hesitate to make a list of the works envisaged. Make a precise inventory, in each room, of what you want to do. Start with the substantive work, such as upgrading to electrical standards, for example. As it will probably require the intervention of a professional, get in touch with companies.

You will end your list with the renovations that are easier to carry out. They often relate to the decoration of the accommodation, such as paintings for example, and are carried out when the basic work is completed.

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Plan the appropriate budget

It would indeed be imprudent to start your work without ensuring in advance that you can finance it. For this, it is necessary to make an accurate estimate of the amount of the planned work.

In this regard, the best way to proceed is to request a renovation quote. To find the most advantageous offer, it is advisable to solicit several. You will be able to compare the quotes and choose the one that best meets your expectations.

In addition, you can inform yourself about the prices charged. You will thus know how much cost on average the painting of such a room or the construction of a partition. However, these steps will take you more time than asking a professional for an overall quote.

Finally, it should be remembered that certain works, such as those involving the energy renovation of housing, benefit from public aid. If you are considering such work, a specific tax credit, a zero-rate eco-loan or even a reduced VAT rate can, under certain conditions, help you carry it out.

Limit the cost of work

Based on the information you have taken and the quotes you have been offered, you have estimated the cost of the renovation work.

However, it is still possible to reduce them, especially if you plan to carry them out yourself, at least in part. This is how by buying the necessary items from certain wholesalers, open to individuals, you will make savings, sometimes significant.

It is also not essential to buy all the equipment. They are sometimes expensive, and some will not serve you often. So why not hire them? Rather than replacing some furniture or changing your floor, you can also give it new life by repainting it. This solution, again, will cost you less.

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Finally, try to call on the professionals during periods when they are less busy. They will surely give you better prices.

Other precautions to take

Before undertaking the renovation of your home, it is also advisable to draw up a schedule of the various works. In this regard, the help of a professional will be invaluable to you. This precaution will allow you to specify the progress of the construction site and to set priorities.

To be effective, the work must indeed be done in a certain order. The basic work thus passes before the finishes. Similarly, the electrical installation of a room should be planned before laying the tiles or installing the furniture.

Moreover, if you live in a residence, you must, before and during the work, respect the rules inherent in a co-ownership. This is how you will have to undertake your work during authorized hours. Check them in the co-ownership regulations.

Don’t forget to tell your neighbors about the inconvenience. Avoid disturbing them as much as possible with excessively strident or invasive noises. Also try to limit the comings and goings on the stairs, or make sure not to make them too noisy.

Take advantage of space

Solutions exist so that, while remaining the same, your home appears more spacious or brighter.

Why, for example, not open the kitchen to the living room or living room? This gives the impression of expanding the space. Depending on your preferences, you choose a total opening or you create a transition between the two rooms.

In the latter case, a bar or a central island will do just fine. You can use them for meals or decorate them with trinkets and green plants.

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To enlarge a room, knock down a partition and integrate a bedroom into the living room, to make a larger whole, is also possible. For its part, an Italian shower, on the same level as the bathroom, gives another aspect to the room.

Clearer, your apartment will give the impression of being larger. Swapping the dark shades of your decoration for brighter colors is already a first step. Installing a canopy, in the living room for example, creates a new source of light and changes the perspective.

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