Home renovation: how to modernize your home?

Undertaking a renovation in order to bring your home up to date is an operation that can be particularly tedious. All the more so when the living space is substantial. Whether it is to give your home a new lease of life, to enlarge it, to rearrange the spaces to give life to brighter and / or more spacious rooms, this type of project involves in the majority of cases important work. It requires more rigor in terms of organization as well as a good deal of planning and imagination.

Nothing should be left to chance. If the possibilities of modernizing a house are almost endless, we will focus more on a particular solution allowing to update a house with a very large living space of 250 m². It is about the modulation of existing spaces.

Modulate spaces thanks to Placoplâtre partitions

When you have a large home, so that it fits in with the times, it seems appropriate to split the large rooms so create additional living spaces. Far from being trivial, this solution makes it possible to free up space, create additional rooms and optimize each m² of living space as much as possible. To modulate the spaces, different options are possible. First and foremost among these is the installation of Placoplâtre partitions.

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Renovation Modernize Housing

The installation of partitions

Unless you know about renovation, the implementation of this solution requires the intervention of a drywall craftsman in Marseille, a professional who carries out interior finishing work with thearrangement of partition insulation. His intervention is part of the overall project. He has all the skills required to modify the layout of the rooms using partitions in accordance with the plans that the client has provided him with. He is also in the best position to advise the homeowner on the type of plasterboard to use. A plasterer provides his client with tailor-made support and is extremely demanding in terms of quality.

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To do this, he prepares the site, performs all necessary measurements and then sets up furring strips and rails on which the plasterboard partitions will be fixed. The installation of the latter is done meticulously with special screws. Once the partitions are in place, he installs the joint strips which mask the passage from one plate to another. He then sanded everything, putty the joints and performed a finishing sanding. Throughout his intervention, he demonstrates extreme precision and pays great attention to the cleanliness of the site. He ensures that everything is carried out according to the rules of the art and complies with the requirements of the client.

The advantages of a Placoplâtre partition

A plasterboard ensures excellent mechanical, acoustic and thermal performance. These performances will be increased tenfold if the partition is combined with a good insulating material. It is also a real guarantee of quality and a solution allowing to combine aesthetics with comfort and ease of installation. A Placoplâtre partition is also respectful of our planet, because it is subject to the HQE (High Environmental Quality) standard.

The different types of Placoplâtre partitions

There are generally different types, namely classic ba13 plasterboard, water-repellent placo (for damp rooms), phonic placo (to reduce noise), fire-resistant placo (fireproof) and high-resistance placo (dedicated to parts supporting heavy elements on the wall). In all cases, the installation of Placoplâtre partitions makes it possible to create an additional room can, for example, act as:

  • new nursery,
  • « Home office »,
  • dining area in the living room,
  • kitchen area worthy of the name,
  • dressing room,
  • additional bathroom (why not?),
  • reading room,
  • game room,
  • guest room, etc.
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Rearrange rooms without completely partitioning them

Since the current trend is towards open spaces, many homeowners prefer to create distinct living spaces in their interior without having to completely partition everything. This method is also easy to implement and does not require substantial work. Moreover, there is no lack of the means to delimit the spaces according to one’s desires.

Among the most popular are filter panels and curtains. Quick and easy to install, they can split a room in half at low cost. When the curtains or panels are open, the two adjacent rooms form one. Closed, two spaces of intimacy are created and the decor changes completely. Patterned, plain, cord, veil… there is something for everyone.

Renovation Modernize

You can also separate a spacious room using a storage unit as modern as it is aesthetic such as libraries, storage shelves. By opting for modular furniture, it is possible to compose your own space for separation and play the originality card easily. Another very interesting and practical solution is the installation of a sliding door. The latter is a modular solution and also acts as a real removable partition. As for the folding door, it is an interesting alternative to the previous solution. Its particularity lies in its ability to retract within the opening and in its installation, which can be done, whatever the configuration of the room to be modulated.

An interior canopy of the artist’s studio type is recommended if you want to isolate an area of ​​your home without depriving it of natural light. Sliding panels are also very popular. They allow the owner to modulate their living rooms as they see fit. Real removable walls, they are based on the same installation principle as a sliding door. They are suspended from a fan so that they can slide along the entire length of the rail and separate the space at the convenience of the owner. Personalized boards, designer glass roofs, mirrors… the sliding panels lend themselves to all fantasies.

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