How to arrange a 10 m² bedroom?

More and more individuals are faced with a lack of space in their homes. And the rooms are the first to have few square meters. Moreover, the children often share the same room.

Fortunately, there are tips for arranging a 10 m² bedroom. Follow our practical advice to visually enlarge the room and optimize the space to the maximum. And for the youngest, create a play corner easily thanks to practical solutions.

Solutions to visually enlarge a 10 m² bedroom

natural paint on the wall

The choice of paint is Very important for the development of a bedroom of 10 m². In fact, from him depends on the impression of size of a room. It is strongly advised to select a light shade to visually enlarge a small room.

On the wallwhether it is a child’s room or a parental suite, it is fashionable toopt for neutral shades like white, cream, beige, ecru, grey, taupe… And to bring a Scandinavian style to the room, you can go for a pastel color such as light blue or powder pink.

In all cases, forget the shades that are too dark (black, brown…) or stimulating like orange or red. The first will make the room seem smaller while the others will affect the quality of sleep.

Light flooring and furniture

On the ground, it is advisable to choose a clear coating to visually enlarge the bedroom. A white wooden floor can be the most beautiful effect, for example.

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And on the furniture side, it is also a matter of choosing light shades so as not to visually overload the room.

A refined decoration

In order not to make a room stuffy, it should be furnished with a well-chosen decoration. Absolutely avoid heterogeneous objects and accumulations. Furnishing a 10 m² bedroom requires a certain sobriety. Holiday memories, for example, will find their place in another room of the accommodation. It is important to focus on quality rather than quantity.

On the wall, you can place a colorful painting, a good-sized mirror or a macrame decoration. It can be a suspension above the bed or a dream catchers. This symbolic object will give a bohemian spirit to your sleeping area.

Always with concern for do not overload a small room of 10 m², it is better to choose accessories and small pieces of furniture that are both decorative and practical. On the ceiling, a bamboo or wicker suspension will be the most beautiful effect. And at the foot of the bed, you can quite arrange a wooden bench. As for the cane headboard, there are models with storage to optimize space.

Furnish a 10 m² bedroom by optimizing the space as much as possible

A smart way to sleep

The choice of bed turns out crucial to furnish a bedroom of 10 m² with art. This piece of furniture, essential in a sleeping area, is also the one that takes up the most space. It must therefore be chosen accordingly and taking into account various parameters such as the number of occupants in the room and their ages.

Depending, you can opt for the bunk bed, the loft bed or the retractable bed, also called retractable. In any case, the idea is to use the empty space under the bedding. If you opt for a loft bed, an office area or a dressing room can find space in the free space.

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Clever furniture for storing

To arrange a 10 m² bedroom while optimizing the space, it is advisable to precisely define the type of furniture which you need. In general, it is better to be satisfied with the minimum: bed, wardrobe or wardrobe, bedside table.

On the design side, prefer straight lines and refined which give an impression of lightness to the room. Designer furniture in the Scandinavian style is ideal. Choose them also with practical storage so that the optimization of the room is at its maximum. A drawer bed can allow the storage of clothes or bed linen. Headboards are also available with storage to hide books or personal items.

And if you need to separate the room in two for a cohabitation, think of the piece of furniture that delimits two spaces (library, wardrobe, dressing room with wardrobe, chest of drawers, etc.).

In general, opt for pieces of furniture that facilitate storage. In decoration and furniture stores, you will find a large number of functional furniture.

Furnish a 10 m² bedroom in a cozy way

The decoration also makes it possible to arrange a room of 10 m² in a friendly way. To bring warmth to a small room, just choose a few objects that invite relaxation and relaxation.

Since the bedroom has a small surface area, forget the hanging chair, the macrame hammock or the Emmanuel rattan chair. Bet more on small, trendy and comfortable accessories. On the bed, put a very soft plaid in a falsely neglected way. And on the bed, also consider having fluffy cushions (velvet or knit, for example). Always choose soft materials that encourage cocooning.

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How to create a play corner in a small bedroom?

If the room is reserved for young children, it is essential to create a play corner for them so that they can have fun freely. As a first step, a soft mat should be placed on the floor to cushion falls and make the play area welcoming.

As for storage, opt for smart furniture such as bins on wheels. In addition to facilitating order, they are easy to transport. And for movement on the ground to be possible, it is essential to make room. To do this, limit yourself to the minimum in terms of furniture (bed, changing table, wardrobe). And always think smart about space optimization. For example, there are changing table models that attach to the wall. As for the beds, glue them to a section of the wall to guarantee a minimum of free space on the floor.

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