How to derat your house effectively?

If in the countryside it is common to encounter rats and mice in the cellar, the attic or the garage, it is much less frequent in the city, but not impossible. Indeed, these rodents swarm at times, in the sewers and streets, at night, in search of food. Sometimes, it is targeted campaigns to derat the cities, which push the small animals to enter the houses. Once installed, how to get rid of mice? Here are a few tips.

How to keep pests away?

Prevention is important especially when you live in the countryside. There are things to do to prevent rats and mice from coming too close or into homes.

The seed

Whether it is seeds to plant or grain for barnyard animals, they must be stored in containers that close hermetically. Rodents can open paper bags or cardboard boxes with their teeth. Already, there is the smell that spreads around the house, rodents have a very developed sense of smell.

The hay

It must be stored far enough from the house, because rodents seek comfort. If hay and straw cannot be closed in containers, it should be moved away so that the rat or mouse does not feel the heat of the hearth or the smell of food. The scent of hay is natural and that’s what they smell first. They are genetically programmed to find natural comfort and hay is 4 stars for rodents, they find warmth, comfort and food there. Do not tempt them with the bread, flour and other cereals in the cupboards of the house. The more a house is thermally insulated, the less risk there is of encountering rodents in the dwelling if they are not invited.

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farmyard animals

It is nice and warm in the heart of the chicken coop, but if it is close to the house, there is a high risk of finding rodents in the house, day and night. Rodents commute between the house and the chicken coop. But if we close our animals regularly in the evening in an airtight henhouse, that is to say not letting even the smallest animals pass, the rodents will not come, they will seek ease, a few houses further .


It is certainly the most radical deratizer, provided that the cat knows how to hunt, it must know how to get rid of mice and rats. The best ratters are the so-called alley or European cats, the Manx, or any cat educated by a mother herself as a ratter, whatever her breed. A cat educates her kittens in relation to what she knows and she instills all the knowledge in them during the first 3 months of their life as kittens, it is not uncommon that after she rejects them to raise another litter. The cat is a good investment, no need to starve it, as some believe, so that it hunts. The cat must catch rats and mice for fun, and bring them back to his master to give them a gift.

Rat extermination operation

Deratting operations in town are very violent. Rats and mice suffer, they are poisoned, snared, trapped in cages and then drowned. Some manage to escape and take refuge in the houses.

If several settle without the knowledge of the inhabitants, they may want to repopulate the city very quickly. The cellar, the garage or the attic can suit them perfectly, they will eat cardboard if they have nothing else to eat.

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In times of deratization in the city, close your windows and doors. The dates are generally listed on the site of the town hall of our city.

As an individual, you can call on an approved pest control specialist, especially if you have very few rodents.

How to derat your house?

There are several solutions to exterminate your house, but one thing cannot be ruled out: rat poison. This product is very dangerous, once ingested by the rodent, it also becomes a deadly poison for the cat that catches it.

  • We have seen that the cat was a very important element to be calm. Just its presence can prevent harmful rodents from establishing themselves in the dwelling.
  • Closing food in airtight containers or putting it in the refrigerator will prevent them from being attracted by the smell.
  • Owning rodents (rats, mice, hamsters, rabbits) can attract outsiders. The food, the bottom of the cage and the smell given off by the rodent itself invites the undesirable to come and see the occupant of the house. Cleaning the cage regularly, removing the droppings already helps to keep the rodent away.
  • The animal can be lured into a non-lethal trap, with biscuits, stale bread or cooked cheese. All you have to do is set him free far from home.
  • The mousetrap is very effective but it is really cruel. It should only be used as a last resort.
  • The deratizer also called « hygienist technician » is the last chance and the most effective card. You will find near you the best of your region or your city by typing for example: « Deratiseur Paris » in your browser to read customer reviews and contact details. We call on him if we are really invaded by mice and rats, depending also on what we are obliged to store, as an individual or a professional. In a bakery, for example, it is impossible to find mouse droppings in flour or a baked mouse in bread.
  • To make sure that there are no more mice at home, we look for traces of small, well-recognizable droppings, in the shape of an « I » and almost black, first in its usual corners and then everywhere, in corners of the house, behind household appliances, the refrigerator or the boiler in the basement.
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