How to decorate a girl’s room?

A bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It is also a space where one willingly takes refuge to rest or isolate oneself. And the room can also be used as an office when a work area has been set up.

But how to decorate a girl’s room so that the child feels perfectly at home there? Follow our decorative tips for a successful layout, whether it’s a large room or a small space.

Should you follow your child’s tastes when designing your room?

Before starting your interior renovation work, you should have a very precise idea of ​​the atmosphere. Of course, the age of the child should be taken into account (girl, pre-adolescent or young adult…).

But also, it is necessary to decorate the room according to the personality of the occupant and his desires. From the age of 5, young people have a very precise idea of ​​their ideal bedroom. Before the start of the construction site, it is essential to listen to it! Don’t forget that this is the only room in the house that is entirely dedicated to him.

If you can’t agree on the colors and atmosphere of the bedroom, find the right compromise. In a child’s or teenager’s room, the decoration does not always correspond to the aesthetic criteria of the mother or father.

So as not to offend your child, leave a section of the wall free so that he can hang posters or fix a shelf. On the installation, he will then place objects that have value in his eyes (cups, diplomas, gifts received, holiday souvenirs, etc.).

Decorating a girl’s room: choice of color

However, in terms of interior decoration, there are a few precepts to take into account so that the whole is harmonious.

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First, in terms of colors, it is better to limit yourself to three different shades. And for the bedroom to remain a place of sleep, it is more than preferable to opt for relaxing shades (white, ecru, beige, pink, pastel blue, etc.). Forget red, for example, even if it’s her favorite shade. This fiery color tends to irritate more than soothe.

Besides pink, if you don’t want a room too girly, adopt soft and feminine colors like purple, parma, lilac. In a girl’s room, there is also pale yellow and anise green that can have their little effect. Also think of shades of color with shades of blue, for example (turquoise, pale blue, indigo, blue-green, etc.).

And if your daughter wants a dynamic room, sprinkle here and there colorful accessories. It can be a cushion or a plaid to put on the bed, or even a painting to be fixed to the wall. To find inspiration, leaf through decorating magazines or catalogs together. Pinterest is also full of good decorative ideas to pick from.

Should you choose a theme for decorating a girl’s room?

After choosing the color comes the question of the theme. For a little girl, parents are often tempted to decorate the room according to a theme or an emblematic character (cartoon or book hero, for example).

Thus, in children’s rooms, it is not uncommon to observe a princess theme with a dominant pink color, unless the little girl is keen on football. In this case, the decoration turns blue or green. However, be careful with the color blue because, depending on the lighting, it can give a very cold appearance to a room, especially if it faces north.

On the other hand, if certain themes are timeless, others, on the other hand, are subject to the effects of fashion. Before plunging the entire bedroom into a cartoon theme, think twice. Is this a lasting trend or a temporary phenomenon? Like adults, children can quickly get tired of too much decoration.

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The idea is then to temporize by choosing parsimony via accessories (curtain, cushion, bed linen, etc.). Avoid themed wallpaper, for example, so you don’t have to carry out renovation work too often. Prioritize sobriety and personalize with well-chosen objects.

What furniture in a child’s room?

Too « baby » furniture

To decorate a girl’s room, you must also choose the furniture with vigilance. Because tastes and fashions pass very quickly, it is better to avoid furniture typical of early childhood (eg: the princess chest of drawers or the bed in the shape of a car).

Sleeping method: the choice of bed!

Depending on the surface of the room, also select occasional furniture. In a small girl’s room, it is better to opt for a single bed or a loft bed. Under the bedding, you can have a work desk or a small bench area. Your daughter will then be able to receive her friends in peace.

storage furniture

Never skimp on storage solutions by mixing pretty and practical. There are pieces of furniture that allow you to optimize the space to the maximum. Thus, you can choose a raised bed on storage and drawers to store books, bed linen…

And for the practical side, don’t do without an accessible and easy-to-handle storage unit for toddlers (toy box, wheeled box, etc.). On the wall, behind the door, also consider attaching a hook to hang a bathrobe or scarf.

A minimalist style for furniture

But in general, whether the area is large or not, it is better to keep it to a minimum (bed, storage unit such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers, bedside table). The child must be able to move freely and play without hurting himself.

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With this in mind, on the floor, it is advisable to choose a stain-resistant carpet or to cover its floor or synthetic covering with rugs or cushions. This helps to cushion falls. Combine minimalism with aesthetics and comfort.

Playful lighting

Finally, play with the playful aspect of lighting by choosing original lights. You will easily find models with unusual shapes (garlands with colored balls, suspensions in the shape of a ball, etc.) to decorate a girl’s room.

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