How long does it take to receive your Banque Populaire bank card?

Essential for carrying out transactions or withdrawing money, the bank card is one of the means of payment that follow us on a daily basis. Valid for two or three years, it is automatically renewed by Banque Populaire as the expiry date approaches. However, you may need to request the renewal of your credit card for various reasons: loss or theft, fraudulent use, card malfunction, desire to change range, opening an account in the establishment… Depending on these different reasons, find out the procedures to follow as well as the waiting times. Also follow our advice to receive your bank card in the best conditions. Everything you need to know to receive your Banque Populaire bank card!

What are the deadlines for receiving your Banque Populaire bank card?

You may need a new Banque Populaire bank card for various reasons. After the loss or theft of your means of payment, the bank renews your credit card. It can also expire when the validity date has passed. Finally, it is possible to choose the renewal to move to a higher range or in case of malfunction of its current credit card.

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Thus, the delays in receiving the new card depend above all on the reason for renewal. If the change of card takes place after fraudulent use or theft, it is essential to oppose it. Therefore, it requires more time than renewing for expiration.

On the other hand, be aware that the so-called top-of-the-range cards are always ordered as a priority by the Banque Populaire. The manufacturing and reception time is shorter than for classic cards. You should receive your premium card within four days.

How long does it take to receive my bank card after opposition?

In case of loss or theft of your credit card, you must oppose it. This prevents the fraudster from using your bank card to make purchases on your behalf. You then put your bank account in safety and restrict both payments and withdrawals of money.

As soon as you object, and even if you find your bank card afterwards, it becomes unusable and you can destroy it.

To order a new bank card after making an opposition, you must follow the following procedure:

  • contact your agency to oppose your credit card;
  • in the event of theft, you must file a complaint with the gendarmerie or the police station closest to your home. If the fraud is proven, the bank will ask you to file a complaint to make the refund;
  • then order your new credit card from your banker;
  • wait approximately fifteen days to receive your new means of payment. During these two weeks of waiting, you will receive a new confidential code by post. Remember it and do not tell anyone. Be aware that if you disclose your secret code to someone you know, you will not be reimbursed by your bank in the event of fraud. Indeed, the banking institution may question your responsibility.
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What is the waiting period to receive your credit card after an automatic renewal?

All credit cards have an expiry date. This is indicated on the front of the card in the format month and year (MM/YY). After this time, your payment method has expired or expired. Consequently, it can no longer be used to pay for purchases or withdraw money.

From the day after the expiry date, you can pick up your new bank card at a Banque Populaire branch. In fact, fifteen days before the expiry date, your bank branch proceeds with the renewal so that you have a means of payment without interruption.

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Delay in issuing a Banque Populaire bank card after opening an account

If you have just opened an account at the Banque Populaire, be aware that the time it takes to receive your new bank card varies depending on the branch. On average, you will have to wait a week to fifteen days to receive your means of payment.

Are the bank card and the code sent at the same time?

If your bank card has been stolen or used for fraudulent purposes, changing the secret code is essential.

For obvious security reasons, your new bank card and your confidential code will be sent to you separately, by post.

Upon receipt of your credit card by your agency, the sending of a new secret code is ordered. You must then allow two days maximum to receive the mail containing your new confidential code.

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How to get your new Banque Populaire bank card?

Your new bank card must be received at your Banque Populaire branch. Get your means of payment directly from your bank.

But be aware that if you are unable to travel, it is quite possible to have your new credit card sent by post. Receive your means of payment at your home. Generally, allow two additional days to the initial duration due to postal delays.

How do I know if my new credit card has arrived at the branch?

To find out when you can pick up your new credit card at the branch, it is better to contact your bank after a week of waiting. Sometimes the establishment forgets to notify you that your payment method is available.

But generally, a postal letter indicates the availability of your means of payment in branch.

Do you have to pay to reissue a bank card at the Banque Populaire?

Note that the Banque Populaire does not charge for the renewal of a bank card. On the other hand, you will have to pay if the replacement of your bank card must be carried out urgently. The billing price then varies according to the agency. Count about ten or twenty euros for this service.

How to activate your new CB?

Finally, to activate your new means of payment and use it on a daily basis to make your purchases or withdraw money, follow the following procedure:

  • peel off the sticker on the card;
  • then sign in the space provided on the back;
  • then, make a cash withdrawal or a payment from a merchant by typing your code;
  • there you go, your Banque Populaire card is operational!

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