Gemini in love: how to know if he is in love?

It is not always easy to understand the Gemini in love. By the word « Gemini », the natives of this sign obviously designate « the twins », the doubles. They are therefore represented in the form of duplicates and mirrors, due to their complex or shimmering nature. Even today, it’s quite tricky to determine for sure if a Gemini genuinely feels love for you.

According to some astrologers, the Gemini man is a UFO who rarely falls in love. In love, he seems to be at the adolescent stage. He is an indecisive individual who sometimes lacks true sincerity in a romantic relationship. In this article, let’s discover the signs and codes that show that a Gemini native really loves you.

The character of the Gemini woman: always 100% invested

The Gemini woman is enthusiastic by nature, with unequivocal optimism. In certain difficult situations, she knows how to show calm as well as courage to face adversity. Moreover, she is a woman who is cold when it comes to her intimacy, because she hardly ever talks about it. She is also a confident woman who can be trusted to talk about her little secrets. In addition, she is generous, very sociable and always comes to the needs of those close to her.

Very charismatic, she arouses the attention and benevolence of those around her without having to make the slightest effort. Flaunting a careful appearance of her femininity, the Gemini woman knows how to get used to fashion, without losing its authenticity.

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The Gemini woman in love: the bar is high to seduce her!

Romantically, the Gemini woman is a demanding idealist. Indeed, her carefree and volatile nature in romantic relationships results from the fact that she is looking for the ideal man; the perfect life partner who it seems could live up to her expectations.

Despite their fairly independent character, these women are looking for a lasting and solid couple relationship. It even happens that they project themselves into a harmonious family life.

On the other hand, the Gemini woman shows no interest in jealousy or possessiveness. However, she hates lies, deception and can’t stand a relationship without communication.

Disappoint her, or even worse fool her just once and you will lose her trust for the rest of your life. Just know that a Gemini woman hates disappointment in love to the greatest superlative, when she puts her heart into it. Besides, this is why she can sometimes be shimmering when it comes to getting seriously involved in a couple.

On the other hand, when it comes to love affinity, the Gemini woman could well align with Sagittarius. Although this one is his astrological opposite, he indeed has the same passion for adventure and diversity. The frankness of Sagittarius will charm her while a Leo will bring her a feeling of security and stability. The signs of Virgo and Cancer should hardly match him in a relationship, because they are shy and sensitive. It will therefore be difficult to confide in them.

Gemini in love - how to know if he is in love
Gemini in love – how to know if he is in love

The character of the Gemini man: a great sensitive

Usually, Gemini man is particularly friendly and open to others. He is also a character who loves to seduce women. That’s why he can be very eloquent and persuasive at times.

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With his charisma and the power of his captivating charm, he needs to feel loved. In business, he will be able to use his qualities to achieve his goals, but he needs to feel free to be effective.

Although friendly and amiable, the Gemini man is very sensitive and sometimes hides his anxieties deep inside. As a result, he can easily go from one mood swing to another. However, the Gemini man also knows how to adapt to events with ease, as does his female counterpart. But he has a more detailed mind, and will systematically seek answers, including for trivial things. He is insightful and sometimes knows how to solve mysteries.

The Gemini man in love: a seducer, as long as he is not really in love

The Gemini man is a confirmed charmer at heart who demands attention and admiration. He likes changes of horizon, he constantly needs to experience new things by all means, because he hates routine in the relationship. This is why he can be volatile from one relationship to another, in search of strong emotions. However, this uncomfortable attitude often turns out to be unsuccessful, as it tends to backfire. Despite everything, the Gemini man remains a born hunter, having everything to charm his natural spouse.

Moreover, when he really falls under the spell of his sweetheart, he does not hesitate to change his behavior. He then becomes faithful, protective and caring towards his spouse.

However, to truly thrive in a relationship, the Gemini man needs a woman who is both open-minded and communicative. In addition, he can also live a perfect romantic relationship with the women of Libra and Sagittarius, women with whom he could share beautiful affinities. Unlike the others, he will find it difficult to maintain a perfect relationship with Leo or Virgo women because they are very reserved.

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In general, the Gemini man rather falls in love with people with the same personality traits as him. Indeed, he is naturally seduced by intelligent people who have a passion for travel and discovery. Because of this, the Gemini man will build a perfect union with Aquarius, although it is more discreet than him. On the other hand, unexpectedly, the Gemini woman could feel an intense flame for a Cancer man, more realistic than her, but for whom the sexual frenzy would be at its height.

Representatives of the duplicity that resides in each individual, they are renowned for their mythical optimism. However, under this benevolent appearance often hides a less gentle personality than it seems at first glance. Indeed, they are often criticized for their lack of realism and their ability to modify their speech by following their interlocutor. They are sometimes cowardly and sometimes feel reluctant to accept their mistakes. Sometimes seen as manipulative and hard to trust, Geminis can also be snide if challenged.

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